Archa Palace in Prague City Centre Celebrates 100 Years Since Completion

Palác Archa, the iconic office building built in the rondo-cubist design, is marking its 100th anniversary.

To commemorate Archa Palace’s centennial, a limited edition A3-size graphic of the structure was made using risograph printing technology, an ecologically beneficial procedure.

The inks used are made from soy and rice, and the paper for the printing grid is produced from banana peels and sustainable farming. Furthermore, the printing procedure consumes less energy than other forms of printing.

“We are extremely proud to be present as this unique building commemorates its centennial,” says David Votel, Head of Asset Management at CPI Property Group. “Archa Palace is an important part of our cultural heritage,” he adds, “and we are pleased to work with our tenants to ensure its preservation for future generations.”

“The Risograph gives the impression of handmade traditional printing by making small mistakes,” says the graphic’s creator, Eugen Finkei. There are color changes, different spots, and the dotting that is characteristic of risograph printing. This is what distinguishes the images; each one is an individual.”

Only 300 paintings will be offered for purchase at the Black Madonna Café in the royal structure on March 23 from 4 to 8 p.m. Each artwork costs 800 CZK.

The history of the complex dates back to the 30s of the last century, when it was originally built as Czechoslovak Legions Bank.

The design of the first building, which is now known as Legiobanka, conceived by the famous architect Josef Gočár, who prefered rondocubism.

This architectural gem is currently owned by CPI Property Group. The complex consists of four buildings with separate entrances, which are connected by a quiet green atrium, which also allows passage between Na Poříčí and Na Florenci streets.

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