April 2: Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic

Ukliďme Česko 2022

On Saturday, 2 April, will take place the Czech Republic’s largest volunteer event, Ukliďme Česko (“Let’s Clean Up the Czech Republic”), focusing on cleaning up illegal garbage dumps and other litter from natural areas, towns and villages. 

Let’s Clean Up The Czech Republic’s purpose is to clean up illegal black dumps and mess.

“First, we select places that should be cleaned up, then we manage the whole event and we also actively take part in the cleaning,” said Miroslav Kubásek, from the Ukliďme Česko association.

Currently, nearly 2,000 volunteers are registered. For those who are interested in joining the event, registration is still available on the official website.

Those who sign up before 15 March will not only receive useful advice on planning and promoting their clean-ups, but can also apply for clean-up supplies (bags and gloves), a T-shirt, stickers for participants, and a limited edition figure of the legendary Igráček.

In addition to the clean-up itself, a new waste app has been created, and its designers hope to reduce the amount of illegal dumping and litter lying around in the countryside. “Our goal is not to endlessly clean up other people’s mess. That’s why we developed the KAMsNIM.cz application, for those who might not be aware even today, in the era of collection centres and ubiquitous containers for sorted waste,” added Kubásek.

The app will advise you where you can dispose of ordinary household waste, unused medicines, tyres, used electrical equipment, batteries, light sources, bulky waste, hazardous waste, or anything you need to get rid of. The project map already contains 110,000 disposal locations.

Ukliďme Česko is a voluntary cleaning event that takes place all over the Czech Republic (and even in a few places outside of it). Its purpose is to clean up illegal black dumps and mess.

The event is organized by NGO Ukliďme Česko z. s. in cooperation with other organizations.


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