Apple Pay Said to be Launching Soon in the Czech Republic

Apple Pay has launched in three more countries in the last month or so, and a local site suggests that the Czech Republic may be joining the list within the next couple of months

SmartMania cites sources saying that it’s coming to Moneta Money Bank soon, with a planned launch date sometime in August.

According to information available to our editorial staff, Apple Pay will offer Moneta Money Bank support to its clients.

Indeed, in February, the bank issued a paper for investors which revealed a mention of the launch of Apple Pay in the Czech Republic. If everything goes according to plan, the service could start in August this year.

There is also speculation that the platform may be supported by Revolut thanks to a vague tweet this week. You can already use Apple Pay to pay money into the service, but you can’t yet use it for spending. The company said back in April that it would be ‘a matter of months.’

Apple Pay uses the near-field communication (NFC) chips embedded in your smartphone to pay for goods and services by holding the device near a card reader, as you would a contactless debit card. You can also use Apple Pay to make single touch purchases within apps.

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