Apple Films New Ad for iPhone 13 in Průhonice’s Castle 

The Czech Republic has frequently served as the backdrop for Apple commercials in the past, and to showcase the new iPhone 13’s cinematic mode, Apple returned to the country to film inside the local castle at Průhonice.

The cinematic mode allows users to focus more steadily between several levels in a scene, facilitating a base process of film narration.

To demonstrate the new feature in action, the company took to Průhonice near Prague, focusing specifically on the local park and castle as a focal point. The castle appears at the beginning and end of the advertisement for a few seconds each time.

Inside the castle, Apple demonstrated the cinematic mode with a commercial inspired by the 2019 film Knives Out. Slovak actress Vlastina Svátková appeared in Apple’s advertisement, an experience she called “exciting” on her Facebook.

Svátková now joins the ranks of such Czech creatives like Yemi AD who, two years ago, played a role in an Apple advertisement of the iPad Pro. Beyond these collaborations, Apple also filmed near the National Theater in Prague earlier this year.


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