Apple Co-Founder Amongst Huge Stars to Perform at the Prague SWC SUMMIT

The central star of this year’s Startup World Cup & Summit, which will take place on October 5 and 6 in Prague, will be Apple co-founder and computer engineering legend Steve Wozniak.

However, it will be complemented by other no less important personalities including Janeček Karel, candidate to Czech presidency, and Kyle Corbitt, president of one of the world’s largest startup incubators.

The Startup World Cup & Summit (SWCSummit) is one of the most important startup events in Europe, which takes place every year in Prague.

The event sees startups, investors, and corporate representatives from all over Europe meet to boost global innovation, connect the startup ecosystem, open the door to talented entrepreneurs and find the best startups in the world.

Those interested can watch the whole event live directly at the venue in the Azyl78 tent in Prague’s Stromovka, or online. Tickets can be purchased at

The summit will see guest speakers talk about their success in their own fields- take Kyle Corbitt, who else can understand the needs of startup founders better than someone who founded his own startup, Emberall.

The software engineer worked for Google and is now the director of Y Combinator – one of the largest startup incubators in the world.

He develops software solutions that help startups grow faster and, among other things, has created a platform that helps bring together ideal startup co-founders.

As part of his lecture at SWCSummit, he will focus on the issue of finding the right partners when starting a new startup.

SWCSummit main star, Steve Wozniak, will perform on Wednesday, October 6, around 6 pm.

Previous years were attended by an average of over 1,500 attendees and featured speakers such as Tosca Musk, Passionflix CEO and sister Elona Muska, NASA’s Tom Cwik, Alzheimer’s Cancer Martin Tolar, Marvin Liao of the 500 Startups Incubator, Vince Steckler, CEO Czech AVAST, Dave Evans from Stanford or visionary Karel Janeček.

The Startup World Cup & Summit is regularly organized by the investment funds Air Ventures and UP21.


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