App Which Allows Vaccinated to Visit Pubs, Restaurants and Gyms under Development

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An application that enables people who are either vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test to visit restaurants, gyms, barbershops and other facilities is currently under development.

A brainchild of the Chamber of Commerce, the concept will be discussed by Chamber and government with the possibility of running the app on the state level.

The idea is simple: install the app on your phone and log in to your account to get access to confirmation of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test.

After that, a map will be shown, indicating the nearest “safe establishments” – businesses that adhere to sanitary measures. When entering the facility, an employee will scan a QR-code from the app to check whether you are vaccinated or have a confirmation of a negative test. You can then proceed to enjoy services of the establishment.

One of the people in charge of the app development is Zdeněk Zajíček, vice president of Chamber of Commerce and president of ICT Unie association. According to Zajíček, the app will benefit both customers and business owners.

“We want to motivate our entrepreneurs to be ready for waves of easing,” he said. He also confirmed that Chamber is negotiating with the Ministry of Health and ÚZIS (Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic) for cooperation within the project.

What businesses are going to be included in the app and what conditions they have to fulfill is unclear, for Zajíček refused to comment on that yet. He also refrained from discussing the launch date but clarified it would be clear in about a fortnight. “Over the next few weeks, we should come to some agreement. It would be great news if the app launched in May,” Zajíček said.

The extent to which the planned app could be used will hinge on the future development of loosening of taken precautions.

In particular, it is vital that it takes the form of moderate restrictions which allow some types of small business to open only to those customers who are vaccinated or have a negative coronavirus test.

According to Aktuálně.cz, the government will also discuss the possibilities of using the system and the conditions for its launch soon.

“We are working on an application that allows people to show they have a negative coronavirus test or were vaccinated. Terms of use have not yet been determined, will be discussed at the government,” Karel Havlíček, Minister of Industry and Trade, confirmed. 

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