Ansambl, New Affordable Fine Dining Restaurant in Prague

New to Prague’s culinary scene, Ansambl aims to provide affordable fine dining in a casual atmosphere.

Located on Krymská street in Prague 10, the cosy modern European restaurant has quickly gained popularity since opening at the end of 2021.

“We want to be approachable,” said Head Chef Martin Charvat speaking to Prague Morning, “at Ansambl everyone can try high-level food for friendly prices”.

“We want our quality to always be 100 percent,” he said, “but we want the place to feel really casual”. “The concept of the restaurant is to create small plates for dinner, so the customers can try a little more.”

Quality produce provides the basis for the restaurant’s offering and Charvat says the key is to allow the product to shine. His philosophy is to “start with perfect products and just don’t f*ck it up,” he said.

Locally sourced produce is also essential for Ansambl. “We try to only work with Czech farmers,” he said, and “try to be as seasonal and sustainable as we can”.

The dishes on offer range from variations of traditional French and Italian to Czech cuisine.

“Produce always comes first”, he said, meaning that sourcing meat and vegetables from the country’s top farmers is a priority. “Our mother company is the Bad Flash bar, so we try to incorporate as much beer into the food as we can,” he added.

“It’s very common to use wine, so we’re trying to use beer instead to design very refined dishes.”

Ansambl prague restaurant

A variety of craft beers and natural wines are available to customers at Ansambl.

Another example of allowing high-quality produce to speak for itself, natural wines are an element Charvat is particularly excited to integrate into the restaurant’s dining experience.

The idea of natural wines as “wild and unapproachable” is not accurate, he said. Instead, Charvat describes the wines on offer at Ansambl as “really fresh, with no unnecessary chemical additives”.

“And they go really well with the food,” he said.

Ansambl praha

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