Annual Public Transit Pass to Raise From CZK 3,650 to CZK 4,015

Deputy Minister for Transport Adam Scheinherr (Praha sobě) denied that the annual pass for Prague City Transport will raise from the present CZK 3,600 to CZK 5,500, the news site E15 reported.

The cost of parking would also go up.

Scheinherr will suggest that the price would increase by CZK 1 per day, ie by CZK 365 per year. “In this way, passengers can cover the higher costs of the transport company in the following years,” Scheinherr says. “Only in ten years, the pass should become doubly expensive,” he added.

“Last week, some politicians have chosen the most extreme option and scare Prague citizens. The annual pass won’t cost CZK 5,500 from 2021,” the deputy said.

The price of an annual pass would thus increase by CZK 365 year-on-year from the current CZK 3,650 – to CZK 4,015, starting from January 1, 2021.

In just three months during the coronavirus crisis, Prague Transport Company lost CZK 500 million in fares and expects to collect up to CZK 1.7 billion less from passengers in the whole year.

On the contrary, costs had been rising before the crisis, mainly because of the drivers’ salaries.

Prague City decided to reduce the annual pass price in 2015 from the original CZK 4,750 to CZK 3,650.



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