Ankali – Little Berlin in Prague

Berlin is one of my favourite cities I have visited and it is mainly because of the great atmosphere that this city possesses and the great music taste! It is simply a techno city and its unique underground clubs are very popular among music and party lovers. I have always wished to experience something similar in Prague.

Firstly, I thought that it would not fit into my city, but I have witnessed something completely different. In the end, I think that Ankali is a great addition to the local club scene.

Ankali is a music club hidden in Prague 10 and you certainly must know where are you going, because the building is a former factory, a little bit scary and doesn’t look like a place to spend a great evening. Or maybe that is exactly why it is a guarantee for a great evening.

People come here to enjoy techno, drum ‘n’ bass or electro vibes and nobody really cares how it looks. Its ramshackle look makes it very chilled, but with a busy and energizing atmosphere.

The music events are always on Friday and Saturday night and if you are a techno lover, you will certainly love it. It is still quite a new and mysterious place, but I think it has a big potential to become a must-visit spot in the city.

Author: Ivana Pivarníková. You can find the original article here

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