An Ambitious Plan: Thousands of Chargers for Electric Cars and Solar Panels Roofs

Biogas stations, solar panels on Prague roofs, heat supply from wastewater treatment plants, chargers for electric cars, and replacement of city buses with low-emission ones.

As Pražský deník reports, these are the five significant projects with which the metropolis wants to meet its energy commitment, signed two years ago.

The document commits the capital to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 45% by 2030, compared to 2010, and by 2050 to turn Prague into a completely carbon-free city.

Specific projects for the implementation of the plan will cost hundreds of billions of crowns. “There is an opportunity to revive the economy after COVID-19; the essence is an investment in new technologies,” said Deputy Minister for the Environment Petr Hlubuček (STAN).

He also underlined that the EU supports the fulfillment of commitments, and European sources will be financing individual projects.

The magistrate’s commission for sustainable energy and climate, headed by former Minister of the Environment, Martin Bursík, has taken on to ensure the fulfillment of grand plans.

The accomplishment of the declared goals is to be ensured by a supporter of concrete measures. However, ridding Prague’s dependence on fossil fuels will be extremely expensive; the commission has calculated the total cost at 230 billion crowns.

New biogas station

Five of the main projects include the construction of a biogas plant that will process household waste. So far, Prague citizens understand relatively little about sorting the garbage. The station probably will be based in Malešice.

It is planned to be built by 2028; however, there is no evidence of the exact plans. Similar facilities are located in Vienna, Munich, and Berlin.

Another major project is the reconstruction of a wastewater treatment plant, a heating plant for the upcoming Bubny-Zátory district. It could replace 30% of current supplies from the Mělník’s coal power plant.

Yet, the flagship of the Bursík Commission is a project Energy Community that aims at covering 20,000 Prague roofs with photovoltaic panels. Owners of family houses, schools, cooperatives, associations of owners, and entrepreneurs can participate in the project.

Nevertheless, the most controversial topic is the maintenance of electric cars. The city wants to build 10,000 public chargers by 2030 for e-cars. Furthermore, there will be electrified public transport lines.

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