American Expat in Prague Buys Billboard to Thank Healthcare Staff

In this time of unprecedented crisis, there are so many inspiring stories of people going above and beyond.

Tireless healthcare workers and those on the frontline, neighbours looking out for one another, friends delivering meals to those in need, and supermarket stackers working literally around-the-clock.

An American expat living in Prague (with the precious help of his daughter) recently decided to do its part and thank health care professionals, police, firefighters, and emergency services buying a billboard near Motol Hospital.

“The idea sprang up one morning when I drove my daughter Eva Lily to her grandmothers where she would be tending to her homeschooling.  After flashing my lights at a bus to allow him to merge in front of me, he flipped on his flashers to say ‘thank you’, says Dean Bedford.

“We later pulled up beside him in a turn lane waiting for the light to turn green. I turned to the driver who was wearing a face mask, and caught his attention. I balled my right hand to a fist, bounced it above my heart twice and then threw him the Peace Sign.  As my daughter Eva Lily stated as we turned light on the green light, ‘Daddy you could see his smile even behind his mask,” he added.

“Upon return home that evening, we discussed the idea of the billboard, the wording and the artwork we would use. Eva Lily and I, along with the assistance of a Serbian artist Marko Bugarski, created what we now refer to as ‘The Ethos of Love – Gratitude & Respect’. Actually the word love is included in the artwork.  Youngest daughter Karolina added the idea of the heart to also represent the “O” in Love.”

The completion of this little project was managed and fulfilled by the wonderful support of Marek Polak with Big Media.

Dean Bedford and his daughter Eva Lily


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