Alfred Nikodém Memorial Will Take Place on December 26

The 74th edition of the oldest Czech winter swimming contest will be held near the National Theatre, between Slavonic Island and Střelecký Island.

The event will start at 11 a.m. on December 26 and will be attended by hardy men and women.

In addition to the antigen test, organizers will measure the temperature of all participants. At the entrance to Slovanský ostrov, everyone is obliged to wear face masks. Spectators will not have access to Slovanský ostrov, while organizers will ensure they do not gather on the adjacent embankments, bridges and neighboring islands.

The awards ceremony will take place in the Small Hall of the Žofín Palace.

The memorial is called after Alfred Nikodém, who was a goldsmith in Prague and a proponent of Spartan lifestyle. Winter swimming was first seen in Prague in 1923 when he and six other enthusiasts plunged into the freezing cold Vltava River watched by a crowd of stunned on-lookers.

430 swimmers launched themselves in the cold waters of Vltava river during the last edition. Swimmers came from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, England, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Since 1947, this race is celebrated on December 26th – with swimmers of all ages, competing in three distances: 100, 300, and 750 meters.

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