Alfréd Launches Job App and Portal in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Alfréd is a new job portal and mobile app (iOS and Android) that may be the answer to some of the job-hungry individuals in the Czech Republic.

Alfréd is focusing on gathering and supplying jobs of all levels, from entry-level jobs to professional experienced level jobs, targeting both Czech and multilingual markets. Not to mention that the user interface is really easy to navigate and available in English, Czech, and Slovak languages.

Through any device users can:

  • Create an Alfréd profile which becomes your online CV and can be used to apply for jobs with a few clicks
  • Create a job watch and receive notifications only for jobs that match your interests based which are on your skills, experience, education, and location
  • Apply for as many jobs as you’d like, it’s completely free

Alfréd empowers companies to target higher quality and in-market applicants by matching relevant job tags. Furthermore, Alfréd’s dynamic and transparent pricing model ensures that companies only pay for visits to their job advertisements, so if your job ad doesn’t reach the ad view threshold, you pay less.

Alfréd’s job ads can run up to six weeks and is visible to all relevant candidates’ job watches. As a company, you’ll never have to worry about your job ads getting lost among the crowd.

Alfréd includes an Enterprise hiring platform free of charge for companies who advertise. The platform is easy to use and has all the features required to professionally manage recruitment. Using the hiring platform means you’ll keep your contact information private as all communication is via the platform.

Platform features include:

  • Enterprise-level recruitment platform
  • Remote video interviews
  • Private candidate communication
  • Manage interview invitations
  • Personalized thank you notes

“In the app, you can set up your job watch (hlídací pes) and just wait for the right offer. It’s perfect for the so-called passive job seeker, the person who might be interested in a career move but is not actively seeking it. Our motto is “new job in a few clicks,” says Almar Orn Hilmarsson, shareholder in the company.

Alfred is Iceland’s largest job-search portal and recently expanded to the Czech and Slovak markets.

Alfred will take over the patronage of the job section of the portal, which has become one of the primary information sources for foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic.

“The new job section of Prague Morning will offer hundreds of jobs per month. By default, the interface is set to multilingual jobs in Prague, but users can easily switch to Czech jobs targeting the whole country,” Massimo Parolisi said on behalf of Prague Morning.

“We felt that there’s an opportunity in the market, advertising is expensive and ineffective. People are spending too much time browsing jobs and companies are investing too much capital and time finding candidates. Our goal is to make this easier and cost-effective for everyone involved,” said Almar.

“Being an expat myself I am very proud to be part of establishing the partnership between Alfréd and Prague Morning. I do really hope we can contribute to easing the job hunt for the loyal users of Prague Morning as well making it more efficient and affordable for companies to hire expats for their various job openings,” he added.

“We are really excited about our partnership and glad to offer companies and to all-size businesses in the country the possibility to advertise their job ads with a completely new and cheaper payment system. It’s a game-changer on the job market,” added Massimo.

“To celebrate our partnership, we have a launch offer of one free job ad for clients to try Alfréd and a 40% discount for any additional ads” concludes Almar.

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