After U.S., Germany, Romania, Belgium, Mystery Monolith Appears in the Czech Republic

monolith czech republic

Ever since employees of the US state of Utah spotted a strange monolith in the Utah desert in November, many more have appeared and disappeared across the United States and Europe, while skipping the Czech Republic – until one appeared in Otrokovice near Zlín on Saturday.

As reports, “people are already taking pictures of it and becoming a local attraction”.

No one claimed responsibility for the installation.

A shining metal object, the monolith seems right out of a science-fiction plot and has sparked a flurry of memes and even conspiracy theories on social media. The first monolith was spotted by a helicopter crew counting bighorn sheep in Utah on November 18.

The appearance of the object sparked wild rumours of alien visitations because of its resemblance to the black monolith in the Stanley Kubrick science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Days after it was first spotted, the monolith mysteriously disappeared from the desert in Utah with authorities still speculating how the shimmering, mirrored object was installed at a remote spot in the desert, to begin with.

The large monolith was then spotted on Compton Beach on the southwest of the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England.

One also appeared in Kyiv on Zamkova Hora hill on Friday, and another appeared in Poland. Australia has also been embroiled in the global trend, as one of the metal structures appeared in Adelaide.

A New Mexico-based art group ‘The Most Famous Artist’ claimed the monoliths to be their artwork. They added that people/companies could commission it from them on their website, priced at $45,000.

Designer Tom Dunford also admitted he had installed the monolith in the Isle of Wight in tribute to others that had popped-up.

monolith czech republic

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