Christmas Time: Enjoy Four Unique Advent Sundays in Karlín

Celebrate Christmas time and enjoy four unique Advent Sundays on Karlínské náměstí!

Nothing puts you in the mood for the festive season more than Christmas markets. The magical atmosphere, the smell of mulled wine, the nativity scene, carols and lots of goodies will make the Christmas rush more enjoyable.

On every Sunday of Advent, Karlin Market organizers have prepared a great accompanying program.

You will have a chance to make your own Christmas decorations. There will also be singing performances by local schools and choirs.

Advent season is four weeks long just like everywhere else to commemorate the liturgical calendar but unless you’re Christian, most families only practice lighting candles on a Christmas wreath each Sunday.

The first Advent Sunday, called “iron Sunday,” usually marks the start of Christmas street fairs that are held in every bigger Czech city.

The second Advent Sunday is called “bronze,” the third is “silver” and the fourth and final one is “golden.”

For the vast majority of Czech people, advent is time to finally get serious about preparing for Christmas like buying presents for your family and friends, cleaning and baking Christmas sweets.

On the 5th of December, Czech people celebrate “Mikuláš.” This person is not to be confused with Santa Claus, even though both originated from a real historical Greek Christian bishop Saint Nicholas. He also has a white beard but he wears a long traditional bishop robe, not a red suit with white fur.

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27.11. 2022 until 18.12. 2022 – on Sundays

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