Want to Get Rid of Unwanted “Stuff”? Discover ADRA Organisation

Do you need to get rid of household items you no longer use? The agency ADRA coordinates 26 charity shops across the Czech Republic, where you can give away furniture, clothes, books, electronics, toys and many other undamaged articles in exchange for a product of your choice.

By recycling them instead of throwing them away, you will help the planet and at the same time support the work of ADRA. In fact, the profit from selling the donated goods will fund their charitable and humanitarian activities.

ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) is an international charity and humanitarian organisation operating in more than 100 countries around the world.

It has started operating in the Czech Republic in 1992 and has since assisted millions of people in more than 60 countries across different continents. The first provision of humanitarian and development aid was directed at the communities affected by the wars in Yugoslavia.

The organisation has also worked to guarantee education, provide healthcare and improve living conditions of people in Africa and Asia. In addition, ADRA has intervened in most countries hit by unforeseen events, such as natural calamities and wars.

Since the 1997 Central European flood, the agency has been promoting fundraising campaigns during natural disasters and emergencies also in the Czech Republic. The assistance that ADRA provides is both financial and psychological, thanks to the work of the Community Intervention Teams.

In 2020, they have recruited over a thousand volunteers and trained 31 of them in psychological first aid.

During the pandemic, the organisation not only has distributed food and other essential goods, but has also delivered mental support to those who were struggling.

In addition, ADRA has raised over 70 million CZK to help the people affected by the 2021 tornado in South Moravia, where they are still actively supporting the local community.

Moreover, ADRA coordinates a network of 15 volunteer centres across the country to assist vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, persons with disabilities and other people in need. Volunteers often also visit nursing homes, hospitals and other care facilities to provide further psychological assistance for both patients and staff, who have been in great distress amid the pandemic.

The organisation has also been focusing on educational activities since 2006, in such a way as to promote more solidarity and awareness around contemporary issues, such as poverty, climate change and human displacement.

If you are interested in the work of ADRA, consult this link for additional information.

For addresses and more information about ADRA charity shops in your city.

To donate or volunteer, click here


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