Activists Blocked Street in Prague to Draw Attention to War in Ukraine

On the morning of Monday, 28 March, a group of young people blocked the traffic on Svatovítská Street in Dejvice. 

Activists dressed in blue and yellow robes sat on the roadway carrying a banner with the inscription “3°C for Ukraine. We must act now.”

“We need to reduce the consumption of energy coming from Russia, so Putin will receive less money for further waging war in Ukraine,” said the protesters.

“Three weeks ago, we called on the government to adopt a special regulation that would oblige the heating temperatures in the commercial sector, offices, and schools to be reduced to the minimum required by regulations. This is the least we can and must do to stop financing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and gradually get rid of dependence on an authoritarian regime,” the organizers said.

“It’s high time for a change. We are planning disruptive actions in Prague to force the Czech government to take action both against the looming climate chaos and to save lives in Ukraine. We no longer want to pay for Putin’s gas.”

The police asked the demonstrators to leave the carriageway several times. Later on, the officers were forced to move the protestors to the sidewalk.

All the protesters were later taken to the police station. Each of them faces a fine of up to CZK 10,000 for disturbing public order.

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