Acquisition of property in Spain: purchase of an apartment on the Costa Brava

Beautiful life on the seaside of Costa Brava

Costa Brava is the northmost region of the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia, bordering France. Translation of the name of Costa Brava means the coast of the brave or the wild rocky coast. Alongside with popularity of apartments in Torrevieja with visitors and buyers, the Costa Brava is one of the top destinations in Spain for both tourism and property acquisition. Let’s consider this district in more detail.

About the region

The name “rocky coast” speaks volumes, because the surface of the Costa Brava is covered with rocks and mountains, and the flora is coniferous forests and groves. Here is the lake of Banyoles with fresh water – the largest in Spain. The locals come to the lake to have a great time with their family, go fishing or have a picnic. The beaches in the southern part of the Costa Brava are mostly sandy, in the north they are covered with pebbles. The Costa Brava has special hiking trails and bike paths for tourists who prefer an active holiday instead of a beach holiday. Tourists who are curious about the history and culture of Spain can visit the museums and sights of the Costa Brava, which are represented here in considerable numbers.

The climate in Costa Brava

The Costa Brava climate is favorable, without the exhausting heat, unlike other resort destinations in Spain. The average temperature in summer is between 28 and 32 degrees above, but in the evenings it is sometimes chilly due to the wind. In winter, the temperature does not rise above 13-14 degrees Celsius. The winter season is accompanied by the strong winds. It is quite warm here in spring and summer, the off-seasons belong to the resort time.

Costa Brava and its sights

The territory of the Costa Brava is wonderful because, in addition to beach holidays, there are also many places for recreation in the city and for walking. For example, visit Blanes, a small town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will find several botanical gardens: Marimurta and Pigna de Rosa. Tourists love to visit the local market and fishing port. The most beautiful place in Blanes is the castle on Mount San Juan, built in the 13th century.

Surely you will be interested in the museum of the famous artist Salvador Dali, which is located in Figueras. An interesting fact is that the Torre Gorgot tower is part of this museum. In addition, here you can see the castle of San Fernando, as well as the church and the square of the old town.

Another Dali Museum is located in the city of Cadaques. To this day, artists from all over the world come to Cadaques and draw inspiration here. The lovers of outdoor activities and hiking routes will also have something to do in Cadaqués, because there is the Cabo de Creus Park here.

The famous Benidorm Castle which is built in the 11th century is situated in Playa d’Aro. Unfortunately, it was burned down in the 15th century, but in the period from the 18th to the 20th century, the castle was rebuilt. Today there is an art museum the castle.

The Church of Saint Roman which was laid up in the 16th century is located in a town called Lloret de Mar. In addition, the ruins of the defense fortress and the San Juan Castle are definitely worth a visit.

It should be understood that the acquisition of real property in Spain is not only access to the sea, but the beginning of life in a country with a rich cultural and historical heritage as well. It is beautiful and exciting to live here.

Assistance in the selection of an apartment in Spain

Costa Brava is a region with fairly affordable property prices, mild climate and excellent living conditions. You can learn more details about property in the Costa Brava from the specialists of the Spain-Real.Estate. They will answer all your requests and select interesting property variants.

Contact Spain-Real.Estate right now – start searching for housing in the country of your dreams!

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