A Vineyard in Moravia Lets You Sleep in a Giant Wine Barrel

Do you ever love wine so much, you wish you could just live inside the bottle? Well, good news: there’s a place for wine lovers where they can experience their favorite wine from the wine’s perspective.

At the Pod Hradem winery in Klentnice, South Moravia, guests at the vineyard can stay in giant appointed wine barrels.

A welcoming gift awaits you in the shape of a bottle of excellent Moravian wine and a bite to eat to take with you.

On the outside, each barrel is made of simple pinewood, but on the inside, each contains an elegant bedroom.

Each barrel features high-end amenities like a walk-in shower, a skylight so you can gaze at the stars, Wi-Fi, while the bathroom with toilet is located just a few steps from the barrel.

Booking is possible from March to mid-November.

“In an idyllic and romantic setting, these wine barrel rooms will provide visitors a unique experience of the nature and significance of the South Moravia wine region,” said a vineyard representative.


Czech wine regions

96% of Czech wine is produced in South Moravia in the east of the Czech Republic, and so it is often referred to by locals as the Moravian wine. Towns of Znojmo, Mikulov, Velké Pavlovice, and Slovácko are the strongholds of vineyards in Moravia. Mělník and Litoměřice in Bohemia account for the remaining 4%.

How to travel

Although buses are available between Prague and Brno and from Brno and other Moravian towns you can hop on a local bus, it is more convenient to hire a car. Moravia is a picturesque region with much more to offer than vineyards, so flexibility to stop and explore non-wine related sites is a huge bonus.

Car will also come handy when you stock up on your favorite tipple. It is much easier to fill up a car boot with wine boxes than hauling them to a bus stop on foot.

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