A Pink Summer Treat: 11 Best Rosé Wines to Try Next

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Rosé wine is one of the most beloved drinks for summer. It is light, refreshing, and instantly makes one feel elegant and sophisticated.

Its iconic pink tint looks amazing in a wine glass and serves as a perfect compliment at any summertime gathering.

What makes rosé even better is its universality when it comes to foods it could be eaten with, especially with grilled dishes.

Usually, that kind of food is served with a glass of red, however, during summer and hot weather, a strongly tannic wine may not be the best choice, which is why a glass of rosé will go nicely with both hefty and light meals.

How rosé wines are made

Contrary to stereotypes, rosé is not the result of mixing white and red wines together. There are several production methods. The most popular is known as “bleeding” (fr. Saignee) – the berries of red grapes are lightly pressed, the skin is torn and the enzymes contained in it start the fermentation process.

After a few hours, the skin is removed, but the juice has time to turn into a rich pink color. It is important not to overexpose here, therefore in France rosé is often called “wine of one night”. This magical process makes a kind of versatile drink that is both equally rich and light at the same time.

What rosé wines are worth trying

In collaboration with the Prague wine shop LÁHVE:, we have compiled a selection of eleven delicious rosé wines from France to try. They are perfect additions to any event- a celebration, a picnic, or a romantic evening. And they are quite inexpensive, so you can safely buy several bottles and invite friends for a wine tasting.

And one more important piece of information first: customers could test any French rose for free before buying!

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This fresh, light, and thirst-quenching wine is made in France’s Bourdeux region on Atlantic coast from the Merlot variety with the addition of Cabernet Franc. The crop is harvested early in the morning to keep it “alive” and vinified in the traditional way.

Winemakers call this wine the perfect drink for a picnic by the sea. Its bouquet is dominated by the aromas of English sweets and red currants. It tastes light and fresh and goes well with a wide range of dishes – appetizers, cheese, barbecue, seafood, including oysters, fish, pâté, and desserts.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12%
  • Price: from 119 CZK or 129 CZK


This aromatic wine is made only from the Syrah grape variety by direct pressing. Fermentation lasts 8-10 days at a temperature of 23 to 28 degrees with the release of fruit notes and tannins.

Its intense, long-lasting aroma is infused with citrus and strawberries. It is a gastronomic rosé wine with a distinct structure in taste, making it ideal for a wide variety of dishes. But it is especially recommended to serve it with a leg of lamb with rosemary or homemade cheeses.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12.5%
  • Price: from 109 CZK or 125 CZK


Refreshing wine with a bright strawberry aroma. It is made from three grape varieties – Cinsault, Grenache Gris and Syrah, which are harvested only in the morning. All berries are carefully pressed with subsequent long-term fermentation at a low temperature. The varieties are mixed only after tasting.

The wine is great as an aperitif, and also makes a good addition to a barbecue or salad.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12.5%
  • Price: from 155 CZK or 169 CZK

CICADETTA “Reine du Sud”

Sunny wine of a beautiful light pink color with peach reflections. It combines six grape varieties at once – Syrah, Grenache, Muscat, Merlot, Caladoc, Cinsault. Produced in the sun-rich areas of Provence among olive groves and lavender fields.

Winemakers assure that the intense raspberry aroma of this wine will not leave anyone indifferent. Its balanced fruity flavor makes it great as an aperitif, and also goes well with caprese salad and Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 13%
  • Price: from 169 CZK or 179 CZK


This highly aromatic wine is produced in the classic way of direct pressing from three grape varieties – Grenache, Syrah and Cinsalut. The grapes are harvested extremely early in the morning, and the wine ferments at a low temperature.

The bouquet is clearly a mixture of floral, strawberry and peach aromas, and the juicy red berries have a great aftertaste.

The wine is ideal for Mediterranean cuisine, salads, beef carpaccio, and also as an aperitif.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12.5%
  • Price: from 169 CZK or 189 CZK


This rosé wine with an elegant blush is made exclusively from the Pinot Gris grape variety. The grapes are harvested by machine and only at night, followed by low-temperature fermentation.

Its aroma has notes of black currant and raspberry. The piquant and savory taste of the drink goes well with beef carpaccio.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 13%
  • Price: from 169 CZK or 189 CZK

Pontons du Ferret Atlantique by J. LEBEGUE

This shiny rosé is made on the shores of the Atlantic from Merlot grapes with the addition of Cabernet Franc. The grapes are harvested early in the morning in order to preserve the freshness of the fruit in its aroma. The crop is processed by delicate pressing using inert gas. Fermentation takes place at a low temperature, which gives the wine its aromatic complexity.

The finished drink is dominated by notes of English sweets and red currants. The taste is fresh, light, and pungent, which makes this wine usually go well with beef, pork, or poultry.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12%
  • Price: from 195 CZK or 209 CZK


“A wine with character” is what winemakers call this one. It is made only from the Syrah grapes. The crop is harvested at night, after which the grapes undergo a direct pressing procedure, followed by prolonged fermentation at a low temperature. Winemakers emphasize that this wine is produced without the addition of sulfite.

The aroma has notes of red fruits and sweet spices. Its complex taste makes it the perfect compliment to Mediterranean cuisine, grilled meats, and chicken Caesar salad.

It is best to drink this wine immediately after purchase.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12.5%
  • Price: from 209 CZK or 229 CZK


Winemakers call this wine a magnificent product of the unique Camargue terroir – authentic and wild, with a special taste. It is produced from six grape varieties – Grenache Gris, Cinsault, Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon, and Syrah. Harvested in the cool of late summer nights, its vinification takes place by direct pressing followed by cold settling, traditional gentle fermentation with protection from oxidation.

The wine has a rich aroma of fresh fruit, combining strawberries, peaches, and citruses. The taste is light and fresh, well balanced by the intensity of the aroma.

Before serving, the wine is recommended to be cooled to 6-8 degrees. It is great as an aperitif and also goes well with salads, grilled dishes, savory pies, and spicy dishes such as gazpacho. The wine can also be served for dessert with a soft meringue that will accentuate its freshness.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12%
  • Price: from 209 CZK or 229 CZK


This juicy and bright wine of a beautiful pastel pink color is made from three grape varieties – Grenache, Syrah, and Sémillon in the iconic Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. The crop is harvested early in the morning. Each variety is directly compressed and then vinified by co-fermentation in a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank.

Its bouquet is distinguished by a delicate aroma of flowers and red berries, and a bright taste – notes of peach, strawberry, and forest raspberry. But, perhaps, its main advantage is a deliciously long and fresh aftertaste. The wine goes well with sushi and grilled fish.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 13%
  • Price: from 249 CZK or 269 CZK

L’Ephémère des Embruns

This exquisite and fresh wine is made from the Grenache Noir and Merlot grapes growing at the foot of the sand dunes in the south of France. Harvested at night during the coolest hours, the vinification is carried out in the traditional way with protection from oxidation, which gives the wine a crystal-pale pink hue.

Its bouquet contains real aromatic richness: notes of grapefruit and other citrus fruits, exotic fruits, and grape peach. The taste is light and fresh with a lemon tinge. The wine is characterized by excellent aroma stability.

Experts emphasize that this “pink treat” can be enjoyed at any time of the day: it is perfect as an aperitif with tapas and also goes well with sushi, grilled meats, and summer salads.

  • Type: dry
  • Strength: 12%
  • Price: from 259 CZK or 279 CZK

All wines presented in the selection can be found at LÁHVE: wine shop. The store specializes in the mid-range segment, offering inexpensive but highest quality wines from Italy, France, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.

It operates in a unique setting that has many perks. More details are in this article.

Address: Českomoravská 2517/13, Praha, Libeň


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  • Friday – from 11:00 to 20:00
  • Saturday – from 10:00 to 14:00
  • Sunday – closed


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