8 Places to Enjoy a Perfect Breakfast All Day in Prague

Do you love breakfast, but when you arrive at the café at 11 a.m., your dreams of eggs Benedict disappears? Whether you rush to the office in the morning, or just prefer to eat breakfast at night, you don’t have to hang your head. We have prepared a list of places that offer you a royal breakfast throughout the day. Long live all-day breakfast!

  • Bistro 8 Vinohrady
  • Ondříčkova 22, Prague 3, Mo – Fr 9: 00–21: 00, Sat-Sun 10: 00–16: 00

You will fall in love with Bistro 8 in Vinohrady – a bright space, with a view of the Žižkov Tower, which offers breakfast served throughout the day. What else could you wish for? They make all the food themselves using local and seasonal ingredients. Their breakfast offer is rich— there are eggs in several ways, French omelets with cheddar (128 CZK), eggs Benedict with bacon, spinach or salmon (from 148 CZK), smoothie bowl (118 CZK), rice porridge with coconut milk (92 CZK), pancakes with farm cottage cheese and forest fruit (94 CZK) and many other goodies. They also prepare special brunches on the weekend.


  • Cafioca
  • Revoluční 18, Prague 1, Mo – Su 8: 00–21: 00

If you want to have an elegant breakfast in New Town, Cafioca Cafe on Revoluční Street serves a great one all day. They have classic favorites such as three eggs in glass (99 CZK), fabulous eggs Benedict (159 CZK), French omelet filled with cheese (119 CZK), avocado toast with a poached egg (149 CZK) or pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit (149 CZK). In addition, specialties such as Croque Madame – brioche filled with Gruyère cheese and fried egg and ham (159 CZK) or matcha pancakes with avocado cream (175 CZK) are also offered. This is the place for lovers of eggs in any way – scrambled, ham and eggs or eggs Florentine. Their specialty is Asian dessert with tapioca, so be sure to taste it.


  • Cafe Savoy
  • Vítězná 5, Prague 5, Mo – Fr 8: 00–22: 30, Sa 9: 00–22: 30

Breakfast at  Café Savoy is a great experience and is served until late in the afternoon on weekends. There is usually a queue outside the cafe for half an hour before opening, so we advise you to make a reservation to make sure you can really enjoy this great breakfast. There is a choice of larger breakfasts, such as continental, French, English, or Savoy breakfast, which includes fried eggs, ham sandwich, croissant, their own pastries, farm butter, jam, and Savoy chocolate. Breakfast prices range from 138 CZK to 435 CZK.


  • Cafe Zanzibar
  • Americká 15, Prague 2, Mo – Th  8: 00–23: 00, Fri 8: 00–0: 00,  Sat 10:00 –0: 00, Sun 10: 00–23: 00

Zanzibar is a cozy café in Vinohrady, where in addition to wonderful breakfasts, it also offers quality coffee or Czech and French wines. Breakfast can also be enjoyed in the lovely garden around the corner café. Would you like an English breakfast (150 CZK), French (90 CZK), goat cheese omelet (120 CZK), buckwheat pancakes (110 CZK) or vegan breakfast (140 CZK)? They serve them here all day.


  • Waf-Waf
  • Milady Horákové 52, Prague 7  Mo–Fri 8:00–22:00, Sat-Sun 9:00–22:00
  • Bělehradská 67, Praha 2, Mo–Fri 8:00–22:00, Sat-Sun 9:00–22:00

Waffles and pancakes, sweet and salty. Who doesn’t love that? Waf-Waf is destined to be the perfect place for a full-day breakfast. You can order specials from their menu, or have pancakes/waffles/pancakes made to order with the ingredients you choose. Crepedilla, BigWaf, Wafreo, … now you can have them in two Prague branches – Letná and Vinohrady.


  • Pauseteria
  • U Radnice 11/4, Prague 1, Mo – Fr 8: 00–19: 00, Sat-Sun 9: 00–19: 00

Local delicious breakfast is available until 17:00. You cannot resist their avocado bread (159 CZK), which has been on the menu since the restaurant opened, but they are regularly changed according to the current season – right now it is enhanced with radishes. You should definitely taste the fluffy eggs Benedict (149 CZK), which resembles snow meringues. For sweet breakfast, we recommend buckwheat pancake or hearty homemade matcha pudding with granola, pear, strawberries, kiwi and white yogurt.


  • Cafe Malina
  • Moskevská 414/3, Prague 10, Mo – Fr 7: 30–20: 00, SAT 9: 00–20: 00, Sun 9: 00–17: 00

Pink lounge, hand-painted raspberries on the walls, original homemade cakes and delicious breakfast from morning to evening: you can expect it all at Cafe Malina in Vršovice. Avocado bread with arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic and pine nuts (125 CZK), ricotta fritters with raspberry coulis and sour cream (125 CZK), omelet with prosciutto and arugula, buckwheat pancakes with mushrooms, but also a special gluten-free menu – what not to love?


Did you know that  Coffee & Waffles not only serves waffles but also rice, oat or semolina porridge, English and American breakfast, eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, omelets or glass eggs? However, the local waffles are definitely worth a taste. You can have it sweet or savory – with avocado, salmon and eggs, peanut butter and marmalade, with chocolate and whipped cream, and this is just a small list of many other (very tempting) options.


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