8 Newly-Opened Restaurants to Explore in Prague

Prague has been spoiled with the number of great new restaurants, bars, and cafes that have opened up in recent months, and the places listed below are no exception.


Zdibský brewery

Address: U Továrny 1, Zdiby

The owners of the Zdibský brewery boast of self-brewed beer. Straying from established spirit standards, their motto is that beer is like sirloin — it has thousands of different recipes, yet it is a staple in every household.

Their light beer is not pure gold, lending it its own original “final touch.” In the Zdibský brewery, customers can choose from four types of draft beers: Zámecké desítka, eleven Zlatý kopec, twelve Ležáček and American beer eleven Miami. These are accompanied by beer classics — pickled camembert, tartare, greaves spread or grilled venison sausage. On weekends, they serve a special lunch menu, inspired by different cuisines. You have a unique opportunity to soak up the taste of Mexico and domestic Czech classics in one locale.


Restaurace u Radnice

Address: Generála Šišky 6, Prague 12 

Looking for a local, fairly priced lunch? This eatery in Prague Modřany is the place to visit. Fans of Czech cuisine will love it here, as the menu includes classics like beef on garlic with potato dumplings, wine sausage with mashed potatoes or potato chips with sauerkraut. The establishment also offers slightly more soaked meals, such as their beef burger in a homemade bun, beef flank steak with grilled vegetables or the confit duck leg with cabbage and dumplings.


SmaBu Karlín

Address: Šaldova 34, Prague 8

Remember Podolka Karlín? It can’t be found in Karlín, Prague, but instead, in the new SmaBu restaurant, whose name is a pun from the two main menu items (fryer and burger). Here, customers can enjoy fast, fried, damn good meals. In addition to the fryer and burger, they also prepare a poke bowl with salmon or tofu. Fitness buffs can also get healthier versions of fried cheese and burgers. After all, the remorse for an excess of junk food is easily lost in an extra portion of sliced ​​vegetables and a missing bun.


Maverick Beer & BBQ Burger

Address: Ostrovní 27, Prague 1

For a homemade burger and good beer, try Maverick Beer & BBQ Burger at Prague’s Národní třída. Delight in the unique design of their burgers, which can be paired with crispy squid or lighter hummus. 


Tři Grácie 

Address: Novotného lávka, Prague 1

The Tři Grácie winery is celebrating its big comeback. The venue, previously attended by the Czech intellectual-acting cream, led by Václav Havel and Dagmar Veškrnová, is now re-open for all to enjoy. Patrons can anticipate a variety of Moravian wines from Chateau Valtice or Vinařství Kovacs.

In the kitchen, under the guidance of chef Petr Řepášek, staff can also prepare a steak of ripe roast, brynza dumplings or roasted pikeperch. Other appealing menu items include beef carpaccio, marinated salmon tartare or goose liver in red wine.

Enterprises that have grown by additional branches

Bon Prague Anděl

Address: Nádražní 96, Prague 5

Next month, Bon Prague extends its services to a new branch. Choose from ten dishes and savor the taste of Japanese cuisine, with meals like Kitsune Soba or Chicken Miso Ramen.


Na Břehu Rhôny

Address: Komunardů 35, Prague 7

Come and enjoy two French wines from Na Břehu Rhony, now available to patrons in a new Prague locale. The Communard branch is located in a slightly smaller space, still chock-full of delicious spirits and French delicacies.


Zrno, zrnko

Address: Vyskočilova 1A, Prague 4

Head to Vyskočilova Street for products from the Zrno, grain craft bakery. Will it be bread, a snail with Nutella, or just a quick coffee from Dos Mundos?



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