700,000 Visitors Expected to Arrive in Prague this December

Prague City Tourism estimates that there will be a total number of 650,000 visitors in Prague this December, of which up to 280,000 will arrive in the capital to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Another 80,000 visitors are expected to come to the city only for one day to see the markets and go Christmas shopping. 

“This December, especially during the Christmas and New Year period, we expect Prague to bring in a record number of visitors. We do not expect to see a significant increase in the total number of visitors, however, but we are expecting the number of Czech visitors from other parts of the Czech Republic to rise by 10% compared to last December,” says the Prague City Tourism spokesman, Barbora Hrubá.

Europeans are the biggest group of visitors to Prague, with French, Italian, Austrian, Slovakian, British, and Russian visitors making up the majority. In December, German, Russian, and British tourists are the most predominant, and the largest group from outside of Europe are the Americans. 

“This year, we were surprised to see an enormous increase in the number of visitors in the third quarter of the year, which was 57.9 percent higher than last year, and we expect this positive trend to last until at least the end of the year,” the PCT spokesman said. 

Author: Holly Webb

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