7 Things Travelers Love About The Czech Republic

Situated right in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is popularly known for Václav Havel and Franz Kafka. While the country may be small in size, it hosts countless activities and attractions that keep it listed as one of the top tourist destinations to visit. With a fascinating history and different cuisines, there’s something for everyone to see. 

The Czech Republic can prove to be just as worthwhile as consulting with the NFL week 6 odds after finishing week 5. So, for different reasons as to why so many travelers visit the place, you can keep reading for more. 

What’s To Love About The Czech Republic


Prague is a UNESCO monument and is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. When you take a look at this unique historic center and couple it with the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, you get the opportunity to see just how majestic these palaces, churches, and gardens are. Here, you’ll find a bit of everything. From admirable architecture, historical monuments, and a wide selection of bars and restaurants to choose between, take a moment to wander through the medieval streets on foot for an even better experience. 


Because The Czech Republic is located right in the center of Europe, it’s surrounded by countries like Austria, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany. This makes it a perfect roundtrip destination to have by train or car. 


The Czech Republic is known for its castles and chateaus. With defiant forts, whimsical summer palaces, amazing fortresses, and fairytale chateaux, you have over two thousand castles to explore. The country’s unique monuments are widely spread throughout The Czech Republic and as you go on a trip to see these, you’ll also get the opportunity to experience the beautiful scenery on hills, in forests, and along meandering rivers. 


In comparison to other European countries, The Czech Republic is an affordable destination to visit. You can find affordable accommodation for roughly €50 and you can also get affordable meals and drinks for something less than €15. Public transport remains reasonably priced; therefore, you can travel between destinations without needing to worry about breaking the bank. 


There is a lot to explore within the natural scenery of The Czech Republic. You have rock cities and caves to discover and you also have the opportunity to climb mountains to reach observation points. You can even visit the charming national parks. The country can prove to be a great spot for nature lovers, especially in the summer as this will give travelers the opportunity to engage in water sports, cycling, hiking, climbing, and more. With nature reserves and four national parks, enjoy the fairytale landscape for the ultimate experience. 

Spa Culture

The Czech Republic is very rich in spa traditions with spa towns that have welcomed many tourists from around the world. Thanks to beneficial water sources, these spa towns host attractive accommodations, stunning colonnades, and parks that all work to offer various spa treatments. With so many benefits that come with undergoing these treatments, visitors with breathing problems and neurological conditions have the opportunity to deal with these through their clean air and local thermal springs. Whether you’re interested in simply wanting to relax and reboot or you’d like to participate in a medical spa treatment, there is lots to look forward to here. 

Czech Beer

If you’re looking for something that resonates far beyond the borders of The Czech Republic, then you want to look into exploring Czech beer. Synonymous for being one of the best lagers in the world, the traditional beer beverage has more than 400 breweries. For large-scale companies, exports can be done worldwide, while the smaller companies offer a varied menu or tend to hold on to their strong family traditions. While you might think of purchasing these at local stores, you might want to opt to have your first experience at an authentic Czech bar, directly at an actual brewery, or at a renowned restaurant. 

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