7 Gastro Tips on How to Support Ukraine

Crazy times demand strong answers. And a few businesses into the gastro joined forces to find support for Ukraine. Here are some ways you can show your support for Ukraine.

Join the collection from Chefs Night (all over Czechia)

The Chefs night association is trying to reach the entire Czech gastro scene with a collection for Ukraine. He targets everyone, but most of all those who are in direct contact with Ukrainian employees in restaurants and cafes. You can contribute to the collection not only as a gastronomic operator, but also as an individual. You can bid from 100 to 2000 CZK. The selected amount will go to support SOS Ukraine from People in Need.

Kro Kitchen and Kro bistro & bar cover themselves in Ukrainian colors 

In Kro Kitchen and Kro bistro & bar, you can support Ukraine in two ways. To perfection, they tuned the vareniki with pork and also included a yellow-blue drink shooter Free Ukraine. Proceeds from the sale of both will also go to the account of SOS Ukraine from People in Need.



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Yes cafe / studio 

Yes kafe / studio has also joined the cafes that contribute to the Ukrainian account of People in Need. For CZK 50, you can buy a “charity cookie” from them, which you will contribute to support the Ukrainians. So when you go to Prague’s Letná, don’t forget to stop for cookies and coffee.


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Kafe Coffee Kiosk for Ukraine 

Even in Kafe Kiosk you can buy coffee to contribute to the collection of SOS Ukraine People in Need. Add virtual coffee for your price of CZK 65 to your favorite coffee and do a good deed. You can buy as many virtual coffees as you want and the entire proceeds from Kafe Kiosk will also go to the People in Need account.


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Ukrainian borscht cooked in Arthur’s Pub 

You can come to Arthur’s Pub for Ukrainian borscht on March 2. You get it in exchange for medical equipment that they choose to support Ukraine. Bring bandages, patches, over-the-counter medicines, toiletries, blankets or baby supplies and enjoy a serving of traditional Ukrainian soup.

Charity ice cream in Creme de la Creme 

On March 3, stop by Crème de la Crème for your favorite ice cream. Revenues from the whole day will go to help Ukraine. The Ice Cream Network, like other businesses, will transfer money to the People in Need fund.

Accommodation at Hotel Zámečku Janovičky (Hradec Králové region)

In the Hotel Zámečku Janovičky in the Hradec Králové region, they decided to help by offering accommodation for fleeing Ukrainians with children. You can contribute to them by importing clothes, toiletries, blankets, kettles and other necessities for daily life. You can take it directly to the castle whenever you have a way around.

These are businesses where collections are still taking place. A few days ago, for example, Cafe Letka also gave weekend tips to help Ukraine. Bistro Mezi Srnky again gave a Sunday thanks to help Ukraine. The network of Mamacoffee cafes sent the entire Sunday sale to the People in Need account.

Do you have tips for other companies that support Ukraine? Please share with us. 


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