7 Free Small Business Accounting Software In 2022

Solo business is a great challenge. As small businesses already can’t afford huge staff at the beginning. It is difficult for them to allocate responsibility for handling accounts to a dedicated professional. However, their business starts suffering as it grows , and so does the number of transactions, bills, payment, and invoices grow. That is difficult for a small team to handle.

Thanks to free accounting software that helps you lift the burden of handling accounts.

Accounting software is essential to manage your finances easily and accurately. The best choice to manage a small business’s book is the free accounting software. The finance professionals and small business owners use these cloud or desktop technology to handle their financial data.  

Here are a lot of options available to get the software free of cost. We will discuss it in detail.

Seven Best Free Small Business Accounting Software 

The features of the best accounting software include tracking transactions easily. It helps in chasing the expenses and making statements for tax purposes. Free accounting software helps small businesses to get affordable assistance in making payroll and managing taxes. Following are the best and quickest software available for small business owners as an instant solution to manage their accounting system.

  1. Zoho Invoice

Zoho provides you with an automated system. It is the best tool that you can use online to manage your finances and workflows, and you can work collectively across departments using Zoho. In addition to this, Zoho provides inventory management by monitoring stock. Another key feature of Zoho is that it creates estimates and converts them into invoices in no time.

One of the beautiful features of Zoho is its feature of third party integration like Paypal, GSuite, Office 365, and Razorpay. It is cloud-based and completely compatible with mobile platforms. In addition, it provides rigorous customer support using tickets, emails, and phones.

However, it does not support live chat and on office deployment.

  1. ZipBooks

ZipBooks provides all vital accounting software features, including billing, reports, bank syncing, expense management, and invoicing under one free account. 

ZipBook allows payments on invoices through PayPal or using Square. In addition, zip book offers payroll using Gusto. However, Gusto charges $39/Month.

  1. Akaunting

Akaunting is another free accounting software that helps you prepare accounts. It allows you to develop invoices, track the business expenses, and synchronize data with the software. It also allows you to set up recurring bills and handle customers and vendors. However, it requires third-party app downloads to make online payments. The third-party software downloads are not free. It would help if you bore the cost of a yearly subscription to use online payment features.

Akaunting allows you to navigate along the software to use all the features on purchase of third party software. 

  1. SlickPie

SlickPie is free accounting software that allows small businesses to make unlimited receipt entries. Entries are made using its built-in automated system. As a small business owner, you can enter data from 10 different companies. It also provides email support. It has developed features for creating quotes and estimates that can easily be converted into professional invoices. SlickPie allows you to send your invoices online by connecting your PayPal and Stripe accounts. Your business will only be charged with the standard PayPal or Stripe fee. 

However, SlickPie lacks a feature of a built-in system for producing reports.

  1. Wave

Wave is entirely free of cost. Its free features include accounting, invoicing and receipts. Small business owners need not pay any subscription charges. It is compatible with mobile as well. Its automatic notification services allow you to be updated about invoices due and invoices paid.

However, Wave charges $15 as a dispute fee and  $5 per item as a return fee.

  1.  GnuCash

One of the best solutions available to fulfil small business needs is GnuCash. It provides robust contention. All you need to get this software is to go to the website and download it for free. The  GnuCash allows you to use the software flexibly on the number of users. It will enable a small business to use customized features, including tracking for customers and vendors. Additionally, GnuCash offers tracking vendors, invoicing, and job costing.

  1. CloudBooks

CloudBooks is accounting software available for free. Its free version allows you to add invoices, add unlimited users, create projects and track your expenses. It also lets you perform integrated time tracking and provide time estimates. It also allows you to track the costs. 

If you require to use the feature of offering online payment, you require to send more than five invoices per month, and if you want to brand your invoice, you need to pay just $10 a month.

CloudBooks assists you in keeping a record of due invoices and billable hours by offering clear reports on the time spent completing the projects.

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