7 Amazing Grass Wall Design Ideas in the Garden

A system that is used to create borders between usage areas or to protect those areas are called a grass wall. This system, which can be defined as a containment system, is more preferred than other fence systems and is widely used. Due to its structure, it is a decorative system thanks to its aesthetic appearance. Therefore, this advantage, which appeals to all tastes and adapts to all areas, is one of the reasons for its use the most. In addition, this decorative wall creates an alternative to wire mesh models.

Grass Wall General Features

Grass wall systems have many advantageous features as they are a special product group. The following are some of these characteristics:

– Grass wall systems are produced from PVC material with high strength.

– The mesh size of a grass wall is generally 45 mm * 45 mm. In this way, the product completely blocks the image.

– For grass walls, PVC is compressed between two thick galvanized wires, and an auger is made. This is how grass walls are formed.

– The thickness of the walls is around 4-5 cm.

– Since the product is artificial grass, its appearance does not deteriorate for many years.

– A grass fence roll has a maximum length of 10 meters.

– It is very easy to assemble.

– One can easily mount a grass wall with the help of a plastic clamp or rope.

– In addition to being used for privacy, a grass wall also functions to prevent dust and sun.

– Artificial wall grass is resistant to UV rays.

– It is one of the most popular products in recent years as it is suitable for all panel fence systems.

– Grass walls are also used to prevent the wind.

Grass Wall Usage Areas

A grass wall is used for purposes such as shading, providing privacy, and preventing dust and foreign materials. In addition, it is applied to all kinds of fence systems in playgrounds and around the site. It is also possible to see artificial wall grass in cafes and restaurants for decoration and image blocking.

The other areas can be listed as follows:

– It is frequently used in schools and in closing the perimeter of sports fields.

– It provides privacy in farms and vineyards without compromising integrity.

– It is frequently preferred by kindergartens.

– It has the function of providing both shading and privacy by being covered on the Balcony Fences.

– It is also used in pools for view prevention.

– It is applied on the fence in military areas, factories, and public areas, providing wind and view prevention functions.

– It is used for decoration in areas such as country gardens.

– It is also applied on the walls to cover the bad image.

Best Grass Wall Design Ideas

As we mentioned above, artificial wall grass is a very effective, modern, and harmless product. In addition to having many advantages, it has also been preferred for decoration purposes in recent years. Although it was generally used in public living areas such as schools or restaurants in previous years, it is also frequently preferred for gardens today. One can list artificial grass wall design ideas both for decoration purposes and add a pleasant atmosphere to the gardens as follows:

1) You can cover your child’s playground with an artificial grass fence.

2) If you have a large pool in your garden, a grass wall will be a very effective product for you.

3) You can use it to color the garden walls.

4) You can add green and fresh air to your garden.

5) If there is a garbage container in your garden, you can make it invisible thanks to an artificial grass wall.

6) If you want to divide your garden into sections, this green product will provide a very pleasing appearance.

7) You can hang decorative products on this wall after having a grass fence for your garden.

Grass Wall Manufacturers

An artificial grass wall is a modern fence system. You can use it in your garden, home, workplace, or cafe where you want to give an architectural and natural look. It is made in the sizes and shapes that you choose. Having a natural grass color and is produced in a way that does not fade. As it is produced by making hot-dip Galvanized PVC and UV-protected wires, you can use it for many years.

If you want a green look in all 4 seasons all year round, you can easily buy the product. It is non-flammable and cold resistant. There are many artificial grass wall manufacturers but there is something to be considered: choosing a leading company. For this, Wallgrass can be a good choice for you. As its team has experience and knowledge in this field, you can get the best service and products that are produced with quality materials. As a result, you may enjoy the lush area that you have created for yourself and your loved ones!

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