60,000 Tourists Will Celebrate New Year’s in Prague

According to Prague City Tourism (PCT), around 60,000 visitors could reach Prague on New Year’s Eve, a figure significantly compared to previous years.

“Due to the new omicron variant, the next three months are quite uncertain for tourism. During the last ten days of the year, around 700,000 tourists usually visit our city, while this year we estimate that there will be a total of around 200,000 visitors,” said Klára Malá, spokesperson of Prague City Tourism.

The streets will be monitored by police, firefighters, paramedics and armed guards. Patrol boats from multiple security forces will be on the Vltava River.

Two ambulances with paramedics will be at Wenceslas Square, and the other two at Old Town Square. The Vltava will be patrolled by the Czech Police, the Metropolitan Police and the water rescue service of the Czech Red Cross.

The city asks residents and visitors to respect the commands of the police and other security personal over the New Year’s holiday to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Cleanup of the debris from New Year’s Eve will begin at 3 am Jan. 1 at the main areas of celebration and last until noon and even later on side streets, using some 120 sanitation personnel.

New measures 

As of December 29, a maximum of 50 people will be allowed at indoor events, parties and New Year’s celebrations.

Only people with completed primary vaccination or those who have undergone Covid in the last 6 months will be allowed in restaurants, dance clubs and casinos with a maximum of four people at one table, unless they are from the same household.

In the event of longer tables that can accommodate ten or more guests, they must still be placed in groups of four at least 1.5 metres apart.

Cultural events at which people are sitting will be limited to 1,000 people, but events where people mingle must not exceed 100 participants. The restrictions will remain in force until January 2.

The rule that bars and restaurants must close by 10 pm no longer applies, nor does the ban on drinking in public places.

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