6 Cool and Affordable Interior Design Styles for Students

Lately, we have all been spending a lot of time indoors. Not so surprisingly, this has shed some light on the importance of having a comfortable living space that balances beauty and functionality. 

When it comes to styling the dorm rooms, students think that they are limited by resources and budget. However, the world of interior design is shifting its focus to affordable designs that focus on practicality. 

Here, we have some interior design ideas that can work for students who want to upgrade a student room or an apartment. 

Go for Clutter-Free Spaces

When we are talking about clutter-free, we are not suggesting that you adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Although some tips for both approaches may overlap, decluttering your space is more about getting rid of something you do not really use or need. 

For students, it is one of the crucial steps. When you sit down and try to focus on a college paper or upcoming exam, it is best to do that in a neatly arranged space. With this in mind, there might be several aspects that you can adopt from minimalism. 

You can start with purging all the unnecessary items that you don’t use anymore. If this feels like a daunting task, start with one drawer at a time. By the end, you might notice how much space you have to play with. 

Accentuating the Walls 

The color of the walls can play a significant role. Fortunately, it is also one of the cheapest ways for you to style your room. 

One way to do this is to repaint all the walls. However, if you are to do this, remember that while light colors make the room airier, dark colors can make it look smaller. 

On the other hand, you can also choose to accentuate a single wall. You have the option to stick a removable wallpaper on it or paint it in a different color. It is even possible to accent a wall with picture frames alone. 

Either way, the wall will act as a focal point, and you can plan the rest of the room around it. 

Source: assorted-color framed paintings on the wall photo – Free Art Image on Unsplash

Go for Signature Furniture

If you do not want to redesign the walls, then you can try to accentuate the furniture. The trick is not to go overboard. Instead, pick one or two iconic pieces that will grab the attention of the room. 

For instance, if you keep the rest of the room white, you can go for a bright-colored study chair or sofa. Add a few plants, and you will have a stunning room that is clean, clutter-free, yet stylish. 

Try Industrial Style 

To pull off an industrial style, you do not always need large space. In fact, if you live in a studio or have unfinished elements such as pipes or ductwork in your room, it’s a big opportunity. 

You can easily convert the space into a combination of sleek, minimal, and eclectic elements. All you have to do is stick to clean-line furniture and accessorize the space with the right tools. For example:

  • choose an exposed brick or exposed concrete wallpaper;
  • use neutral colors such as grey, brown, or black;
  • accentuate a wall or a piece of furniture with a single bold color;
  • go for metallic accessories;
  • bring in abstract art.

When those above are put together, you can end up with a neat and colorful space. Yet, it still will be minimalistic. You will not even have to spend too much if you are ready to get creative and maybe reuse some stuff you thought you didn’t need anymore.

Be Bohemian 

Source: brown wooden framed white padded chair in between green indoor leaf plants inside bedroom photo – Free Image

Have too many things you can’t get rid of? Then a Bohemian interior style could be your best friend. Instead of sticking to the bare minimum, you can incorporate different elements into your room design with elegance. 

If you are wondering how to convert a plain room into a bohemian one, here are some tips to try out:

  • recycle wooden pallets to get a bed platform or a coffee table; 
  • liven the space with plants;
  • bring in textures with furnishings – such as curtains, bedspreads, and cushions;
  • add vibrancy with bohemian rugs;
  • color the walls with frames.

Bohemian style is all about accessorizing. Furthermore, it is a way to include the little things you already own to tie up the room together. 

DIY your Design Ideas 

No matter which style you choose, you can always go for small and creative changes and yourself. For instance, if you want to have a piece of accent furniture in your room, you do not always have to buy one. Instead, you can find a suitable fabric and attach it to existing upholstery.  

Similarly, you can also repaint the rest of the furniture and stick on the wallpapers yourself. And if you do not want to get your hands dirty, why not look for pieces of furniture in thrift shops and flea markets?

To Sum Up

Even if budget is an issue, your options of interior design are no longer limited. There are plenty of design styles that you can adopt for your living space without having to break the bank. Take a note of what you liked in this article and see how you can use it to refurbish your room.

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