50,000 People Used Lime Scooters in the First 3 Months

Lime electric scooters recorded 185,000 rides for the first three months of traffic figures in Prague. The average scooter ride time was 9 minutes, and the average scooter users took advantage of this initiative and rode distances of 1.6 kilometers. Lime deployed Prague’s first scooters on September 28, 2018.

Lime began to operate in the city mobility market two years ago when it launched its first custom bicycle system at the campus of the University of North Carolina with which it subsequently expanded into other US states. Last year, in February 2018, the first scooters were introduced, and in June 2018 the green electric scooters arrived in Paris as the first European city.

Lime currently operates in 100 world cities across five continents, and green scooter users had driven 25,000,000 journeys by the end of 2018, driving a total distance of 43,000,000 kilometers. 

The most successful market in the world is in Paris, where 285,000 people used the scooters for half a year. It’s only a matter of time before they reach the milestone figure of three million rides.

With the development of cycling routes, Lime would like to help Prague. “Bicycle paths and biking trails are key to the development of environmentally friendly transport across the city. We want to work with the city and the responsible institutions to participate in the development of infrastructure in Prague, for example by sharing anonymized data on the movement of scooter users or by sharing our experience from other world or European capitals,” Ondřej Široký said.

Electric scooters, often parked on the pavements in the center of Prague, has been met with critics. Prague 2 in this context negotiated with the company that scooters cannot be left in its territory. The critics also encounter the riders on the sidewalks on which scooters do not belong.

At the end of last year, Prague 1 called on the municipality to enforce the rules of electric scooters. Mayor of Prague 1 Pavel Čižinský (Praha Sobě) said that electric cars do not limit the urban area but instead wants to ban the so-called beer wheels.

Author: Lilato Madiri

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