5 Places Where to Buy Natural Wine in Prague


Prague offers a quite good number of natural wine bars spread all over Prague’s vibrant neighborhoods. Before I jumped in my list of good natural wine bars/shops, let me quickly explain what natural wine is.

The term “natural wine” is to be understood as a term that refers to wines made traditionally, with a minimum of technological intervention and without additives. This does not mean that wines made with modern technologies are artificial or unnatural. Natural in this case means natural, spontaneous, and in contrast to a more modern approach, which is based on the management and direction of wine processes.

Producers of natural wines strive for the most natural products possible with minimal interventions in the entire production process. It all starts with the vineyard, where no chemicals are used, and the growth of the vine should best reflect the local terroir.

Unlike BIO wine the work does not end in the vineyard and the true winemaking art comes from the cellar. Most wines are not sulfurized clarified or filtered. Each wine is unique, and its popularity is growing also in Czechia with new natural wine bars around the city.

People who like natural wines are very passionate about their products. In almost every natural wine shop/bar you visit in Prague you’ll get not just a good bottle of wine but also a story of a producer who loves the land, wine and take good care of nature. Whatever you find natural wine – good or weird, they mark infinite possibilities of aromas and flavors that come from spontaneous fermentation.

Where to buy a good bottle of natural wine in Prague?


Situated in the popular Letná district, WineGeek offers only wines with minimal chemicals and good care of nature. Don’t expect a classic wine bar but more like a boutique with a good selection of wines from their e-shop. Marko (the guy behind WineGeek) strongly stands behind the quality and values of its suppliers and it’s because he knows his suppliers well. You can find wines from Austria, Slovenia, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, and of course the Czech Republic. What you should have not missed are Winegeek’s six-packs (selection of six wines) available on their e-shop.

Where: Řezáčkovo nám.2, 170 00 Prague 7


The picturesque wine bar in Vršovice district is a perfect place to visit for good quality wine and appetizers. People behind Fajnšmekr love their job which reflects carefully picked wines they offer in their wine bar. Everything you taste and buy was carefully tasted and chose before they offer it to their customer.  They believe it’s important to drink natural healthy wines that are made without chemicals and without harming nature. That’s the reason why mostly all wines are from small Czech manufactures. Besides good wine, you can buy good quality food and deli.

Where: Finská 3, Prague 10



In the heart of Karlin, an authentic wine bar Veltin offers a wide selection of natural wines from the former Habsburg monarchy. The map of the former Habsburg monarchy immediately catches your attention when you enter their interior. Don’t ask for a menu- they don’t have one! The very pleasant staff helps you choose a glass of wine by your preferences and let you taste whatever you want. Each day new bottles are opened and that’s how you can discover some new wines every time you come. You can enjoy your wine with a nice selection of Czech farmer cheeses, sausages, and paté.

Where: Křižíkova 488/115, Prague 8


Násoska a Ochmelka

In Prague’s Letná, Andrea, and Vojtěch opened a natural wine living room (as they like to say) which can fit only a few guests. A simple rule applies to them: What is grown in our country is also drunk in our country. Thus, the concept of Násoska and Ochmelka is that Czech-Slovak natural wines play a major role. Andrea and Vojtěch are enthusiasts of wine to which nothing is added and nothing is taken from it – it is simply what the winemaker wanted them to be. Each bottle tastes different, it is original. The family atmosphere of the place is just a cherry on the top.

Where: Schnirchova 5, Prague 7


An authentic wine &champagne bar situated in charming Old Town offers natural wines from all kinds of countries. You can taste natural wines from Moravia, Georgia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Germany – as you can see, the selection is really wide and suitable for any taste preferences. Autentista offers to wine also carefully pick cheeses, hams, and olives – all this in a beautiful design place available also for private parties.

Where: Řetězová 10, Prague 1


Bonus tips: 

Total Wine Bar

Via del Vino

Hokus Pokus

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