5 Newly Opened Restaurants & Cafés in Prague

new restaurants in prague

Are you tired of spring fatigue, or are you charged by the fact that it’s finally warming up outside? Either way, come and improve your mood with any of these newly opened restaurants.



Address: Wenceslas Square 23

Lovers of sushi, lounge and “fancy sitting” in the city center, this is the place exactly for you. A restaurant that will entertain you has opened in Prague’s Wenceslas Square. Come here if you are going evening dancing in the adjacent Duplex, or if you want to spend the evening in a place where you will not be ashamed to try everything on the menu.

Enjoy variations of sushi sets here and let yourself be surprised by the combinations carefully compiled by the local sushi master. Cheers with a glass of good wine and finish with a “sweet sushi” made of fruit rolled in chocolate. The smiling, helpful and caring staff will take care of your needs throughout the evening.


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Pifčo restaurant & pub 

Address: Theinova 2, Prague-Čakovice

If you are looking for a relaxed restaurant outside the center of Prague, do not hesitate to go to Prague’s Čakovice, where they prepare the best load of goodies from around the world. Come to them for grilled chicken wings with a baguette or roast beef with french fries and a homemade spicy dip.

If you are more hungry, then do not hesitate and choose an appetizer in the form of grilled Brie cheese with honey and Armenian walnut or Greek Tiropitakia bags filled with Feta cheese. For dessert, enjoy a vanilla cake with Italian Amaretti and Cantuccini biscuits. You can also order the dishes of their daily menu, that is new every day, online and have them delivered home.


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Dorado coffee

Address: Betlémské náměstí 1

In the center of Prague, here you must stop for a cup of coffee. Sip a capuccino, americano, or Colombian espresso in a pleasant, homely atmosphere. Refresh yourself with soda, apple cider or lemonade. You will also like prosecco Rosé Mille Bolle or Spago Colli.

Enjoy macaroons, brownies or cakes in the afternoon over coffee. In the evening, you can enjoy Colombian empanadas, tamalitos, or the now popular churros.


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Vodafone PLAYzone Arena

Address: Roztylská 19, (OC Westfield Chodov)

The opening of this restaurant will especially please sports lovers and their less-enthusiastic partners. While your dear significant other is playing games, how about a coffee at a local bar? Alternatively, you can spend time together and watch a sports match at dinner. And what food and drinks do they offer you here?

They can make you both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer, and they can prepare burgers, a sandwich with turkey, or pastries. We recommend tasting homemade fries as a side dish.


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Gemüse Corner Kebab 

Address: Rumunská 26

Gemüse Corner Kebab has opened its second location on the corner of Londýnská and Rumuská. And if you haven’t had the honor of introducing this Berlin-inspired piece to your taste buds, you should definitely fix it.

They will serve you a famous experience with honest, home-prepared meat in bread sandwiches, cakes, or in a box with rice and decorate it with a good portion of vegetables. Vegetarians can have a meatless version with falafel or halloumi cheese will also enjoy themselves.


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La Forme Bakery

Address: Krkonošská 14

La Forme Bakery has opened a new place in the Krkonoše Mountains, perfect for sitting over a croissant, danish pastries, chocolate and good coffee. But the cafe will enchant you mainly with its peaceful atmosphere.

If you are looking for a tip on where to fully enjoy Saturday’s brunch and let your face caress the spring sun, definitely take to this place.


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