5 Major Reasons to Study in the Czech Republic

Universities and college programs in the Czech Republic become more popular every year. Great country, quality education, security, free European zone, and even a chance for free education — the list goes on, while students around the world choose this country. Why should you consider it too?

5 Reasons to Consider Universities in the Czech Republic

If you know the language you can study for free (not a joke!)

More than 50 thousand international students study in the Czech Republic and almost 40 thousand studies in Czech. The reason is simple — if you study in the national language, education is free even for international students.

Considering the fact that Czech diplomas are recognized not only in the EU but around the world (somewhere after additional exams), it is a good way out for free and quality education. Czech is not a difficult language. The alphabet is Latin, and it helps immensely. Also, most of the professors know English, and though not officially, can additionally explain the most difficult topics to international students. The level of Czech required to enter university is B2. 


Lots of exceptional programs in Humanities and Science

When you browse through university and college programs in the Czech Republic, you will be surprised to see awarded professors teaching worldwide. Humanities and Science programs are truly inspiring. And we are not talking just about some central Prague universities. Of course, great programs and renowned professors come with challenging assignments.

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The moderate price of living and… partying 

The Czech Republic is not in the top-5 most expensive countries in Europe, it is not even in the top-10. It is the most expensive country in Eastern Europe, though, especially for business. However, students feel rather comfortable, as the prices for campus and off-campus accommodation are rather low. Also, Czech Republic offers great options for those who like to party, and the rules are much less strict than in the US or UK.


Big and strong student communities

Here, you will truly never walk alone. The community of local and international students is one of the strongest worldwide. It covers everything – help with accommodation, legal academic help, adjustment programs, free tours, even financial support sometimes. It goes without saying that if you are active in communication, you can develop and strengthen connections that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


Cheap commute to any European capital

If you buy tickets a few months before the trip, then even the plane ticket prices can be very pleasing. Subscribe to the newsletter of all low-cost airlines and learn about sales directly from them. Moving on comfortable buses, the route network of which covers almost all European cities, will be even cheaper.

RegioJet, FlixBus, and other bus companies often offer tickets for as little as 1-5 €. You can see several countries per month, and it will cost you close to nothing if you agree to stay in hostels and avoid Michelin restaurants. 

Extra Tips for Students Willing to Study in the Czech Republic

Here are some tips from alumni that will make your adaptation period easier:

  1. It is normal not to understand anything in the first week. Do not hesitate to ask the teacher again if you didn’t have time to write something down.
  2. There is nothing wrong with actively using the dictaphone for difficult lectures for the first time. The decryption process can be long, but you definitely won’t miss anything.
  3. In Czech universities, all administrative issues are resolved through a special information system. 
  4. It is unlikely that you will be able to get a list of exam questions for each subject. At the most, you will know the topics that the teacher might ask. But, almost every university has an unofficial student portal on which students share notes, samples of last year’s tests and exams, which will be very helpful during the exam period.
  5. Popular in the Czech Republic and specialized sites for preparing for the delivery of tests and university projects. One of them is primat.cz, which contains lectures and materials for seminars on various subjects.
  6. Places in university dorms fly at the speed of light. Pay attention to their commercial options. Prices in such residences are usually slightly higher, but at the same time, living conditions are much better.
  7. If you can’t imagine living in a hostel, find like-minded people and rent an apartment. Rental prices rise significantly in the summer, so it is advisable to tackle this issue long before you move.
  8. Do not forget to check with the administration for how long before you must notify them about changing your place of residence.
  9. It’s no secret that the cheapest thing is to eat at home. However, it is not always possible to find time for cooking. Lunch at the university canteen is a great substitute. A 3-course menu usually does not exceed $9.
  10. For those who still prefer to cook on their own, we recommend compiling a list of products in advance and before going to the supermarket to look at the kupi.cz website, where you can compare prices and find the best offer for each of the products.
  11. In the Czech Republic, Vietnamese grocery stores are very common near the house. They are attractive because they work late, but keep in mind that prices are much higher than in regular supermarkets.
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