5 Highlights of This Year’s FAMUFEST

FAMUFEST prague 2021

FAMUFEST and its 37th edition are right behind the door and waiting for the next week to come and let it in.

From Wednesday 28th April till Sunday 2nd May, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a program that is not only limited to films. What to look for? Here are our five tips.

1) Drive-in cinema vs. online binge-watching

On Sunday, May 2, 2021, we will screen the award-winning films of the 37th FAMUFEST festival in-car cinema Autokino Strahov. The screening will bring a joyful and symbolic ending to the whole festival in the most physical form that is legally possible at the moment.

Every film will be also available online. Altogether we will present 64 in and out of competition movies which will be categorized into thematic blocks. That means that they are not categorized by their genre or the category they are competing in but according to their main themes or motives. You don’t have to worry about missing your favourite film – every film will be online for 72 hours.

2) Industry programme

On Thursday 29th April the industry programme will launch an open forum with the students of Münich film school HFF. Their films will be presented in a separate block. FAMU students can enlist and join the debate as a module in KOS under the code 305MFFM.

The same day will also bring a debate with Czech female filmmakers on the topic of Women in/About Films with director Barbora Chalupová, Girls In Film founder Julie Žáčková, producer Kamila Zlatušková or DOP Klára Belicová.

On Friday 30th April we will continue with the pitching of Master projects at Department of production – only for academic community at FAMU – the Zoom link will be sent to the students. Every student will have 5 minutes for the pitching, following by 5 minutes of feedback by the jury. 

Don’t miss the masterclass with DOP Chris Seager who is currently in Prague, shooting the Carnival Row series and has also worked on the Game of Thrones series. His online lesson on the craft will take place on Saturday 1st May from 15:00.

3) Music and podcasts

What does a sound engineer, plumber and professor have in common? The unexpected lineup of artists is connected by one thing only – FAMU. They have challenged themselves to cover each other’s songs in a set of concerts which will be streamed throughout the festival. You can look forward to Gondor Flames, Petr Marek, Kolna, To žluté, co máte na kalhotkách, 9 kg přibrala, Matějovo děvče and Kvítek.

The festival will also be accompanied by various podcasts. A new series of Scénáristé čtou Česku podcasts is already online and kicking. In the days to come, we will also publish a podcast made in collaboration with the filmmakers whose films will appear on the festival’s film programme.

4) U Stýblů palace will be revived by exhibition and KinoKabaret

If you did not yet go to the passage of U Stýblů palace on Wenceslas Square now you have another reason to change this. During the festival, it will be decorated with an original exhibition of sixteen artworks. The audible form of the exhibition will be provided in a form of a podcast.

The insides of the palace itself will be opened to explore not only through the opening and closing ceremony or the music programme but also through KinoKabaret – the original stage reading video stream which will consist of the works of Marie Topolová, Zuzana Nevolová, and Duc Anh Vu.

5) FAMUFEST beneath FAMU’s borders

To make things work even better we started several collaborations with renowned Prague universities. The students of UMPRUM Jan Stuchlík and Edita Kubištová created the visual concept of 37th FAMUFEST, the opening ceremony will start with a special performance made by the students of HAMU in FAMU meets HAMU: The Sound of the Palace.

The festival awards were made by the FUD studio at UJEP. With the help and the professional attitude of the students of the Department of Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University we can provide you with colourful film annotation and also a magazine which will be introduced in the days to come.

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