5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Resume Successful

Resumes are used in the hiring process worldwide to assess applicants for a job. This is why it should be well written and highlight your skills and achievements.

You can research tips for crafting a professional CV, and even attend job fairs to get the latest knowledge. To help you out, here are 5 easy ways to get started with professional CVs:

Tips for resume writing

Different resume writing styles are used worldwide. However, your resume must include your academic information, relevant work experience if any, and additional skills. You can even use multiple versions customized according to different job requirements. Here are some tips observed by expert resume writing services to get you started:

1. Use keywords written in the job description

Job descriptions mostly include a lot of useful keywords. When applying for a job, don’t forget to check out the keywords indicating skills that an ideal candidate should have.

For instance, when applying for a software development job, you may find keywords such as “agile architecture”, “developer”, etc in the job description. Add these terms under the skills or education section.

2. Review Samples relevant to your niche

Keep it simple and easy

It should be simple and easy to understand. That’s because employers don’t have enough time to scan it for information. Focus on the readability and don’t forget to use a clean and crisp font.

Keep it brief

Resume samples include short and to-the-point sections with important and relevant information. This helps employers to learn more information about you by just having a quick look.

Use numbers and stats

Use metrics such as solved 90% problems etc, 5 years experience, lead a team of 20 Co-workers, etc. Numbers get employers’ attention.

3. Use a clean and crisp font

Employers have a limited time to check out your resume. That’s why you should always use a professional font to improve its readability. Arial or Times New Roman are good fonts to use. Keep font size between 10 and 12 points.

Make sure there are no additional white spaces. Use proper headings such as Achievements to share skills, etc.

4. Use important information first


Keep your resume short even if you have 10 or more years of work experience etc. According to experts, hiring managers only spend 6 seconds per resume. Skip small and irrelevant achievements, skills, and jobs to avoid distraction for the reviewer.

Focus on the important information relevant to the job description. This helps in catching the reviewer’s attention.

5. Only use subheadings relevant to every job

There are some resume sections that you easily skip such as a resume objective. For fresh graduates, there shouldn’t be an empty work experience section. Use headings such as academic Awards, relevant certificates, etc for more details. You can always combine different relevant sections if one of your sections has two or less than two points.

6. Use Active terms

Your resume must include active language with powerful words. For example use terms such as earned, completed, accomplished, etc where necessary to make your point. Use short sentences instead of long ones. They unnecessarily complicate a resume. A concise resume is always easy to read.

7. Highlight important achievements

Don’t list all your job duties. Instead, you can list the top 3 or top 5 important achievements under the role you have served. As mentioned above, use stats and numbers to make a difference.


A resume is the first step in making a powerful impression on an employer’s mind. Use all the tips shared above to make it as relevant and professional as possible. Don’t forget to proofread for errors. Expert Resume writers suggest tailoring your resume according to each job description for standing out.

Only a well-written, clear and concise resume with relevant information helps to stand out from the rest of the applicants in any industry. You can even vet it by resume reviewers such as Zip job review for feedback.

It will definitely help you land more calls and interviews with an employer for your dream job.

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