5 Common Effects You Can Start Feeling After Eating Delta 8 Gummies

This year, D8 gummies have gained popularity at a national level.

Since it is a more advanced form of THC in the marijuana family, people are getting more interested and more in it with each passing day.

You can efficiently synthesize it from CBD oils, and due to the lack of ample psychoactive properties, it is not subjected to the same regulations as D9 THC.

However, there is not much research published on the safety of delta-8 gummies.

This is why we will explore its side effects in this article so that you can make an informed decision by the end.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a component of the cannabis plant. It has grown in popularity in recent years because of its stark similarities with the Delta 9 THC.

However, the primary ingredient in THC that causes hallucination, euphoria, sedation, and alleviation is present in lesser amounts in D8 THC. This means the D8 gummies are appropriate for everyone.

Even those who have never tried any form of cannabis can chew these gummies and get a first-hand experience.

If we talk about the legality of D8 THC gummies, the subject is still pretty oblivious. However, since it is made with a mixture of hemp and cannabis, some states may consider it illegal.

On the other hand, the scarcity of psychoactive agents has also made Delta 8 Gummies legal in many states. To meet the gap between D9 THC demand and supply, some states have authorized the legal selling of D8 Gummies.

Common Side Effects Of D8 THC

As we have already mentioned, D8 THC is not as strong as D9 THC. It only has 60% of the components that D9 has. This is why the side effects of D8 THC gummies are lesser than the D9 gummies. Let’s look at the side effects here:

1: Dry Eyes

If you wear contact lenses, you may not feel these side effects. However, try chewing the gummies while keeping your eyes open.

You will feel uncomfortable itchiness in your eyes.

You may have the obsessive need to rub your eyes to restore some moisture back to them.

Once the impact of the D8 THC wears off, the feeling of dry eyes will also vanish.

2: Dry Mouth

Almost all users have felt that Delta 8 gummies can dry their mouth, and no amount of water can fill up that dryness.

Don’t worry. Your body is not dehydrated. It’s just that your saliva glands have reduced saliva production.

This impact will also wear off as soon as you get rid of the ‘being high’ feeling.

3: Feeling Groggy

Some people have reported feeling a little dizzy while overdosing on the D8 gummies.

You may feel a strong urge to sleep, or you may feel lightheadedness, fatigue, and be victimized with a dizzy brain.

If you think you are going crazy, you are not. Instead, it is the impact of the D8 gummies on your nerves, which is making you feel like this.

The groggy feeling will vanish as soon as the gummy’s impact wears off.

4: Anxiety While Dosing

It is a side effect that all the D8 THC Gummy users have felt once or twice.

Although D8 THC has a reputation of being an anxiety-reliever, it also increases anxiety and paranoia in people.

The feeling of anxiety may be lesser in D8 THC gummies if you have already tried out D9. However, overdosing on anything edible is never a good idea, so beware of that.

5: High-Level Trance

The delta 8 gummies have some psychoactive chemicals that are known to give you an intense body high.

But, how will you understand that you are getting a body high?

You will feel plenty of bodily sensations such as muscle stiffness, numbness, or difficulty moving from one place to another.

More than the mind high, D8 THC gummies will give you an intense ‘body high,’ which is why many people prefer having it rather than D9 gummies.


If you are a pregnant woman or are breastfeeding, you should not ingest the D8 THC gummies because they may hamper your baby’s health.

The D8 THC gummies are considered unsafe only on one ground, and that is, many children have mistakenly eaten them. It has even led them to be hospitalized. This is why you may want to keep them at a safe distance from your children.

If older people consume it, they may face extreme tiredness, slowed heart rate, low blood pressure, etc. This is why people above the age of 55-60 should not chew these gummies.


Have you gone through the list of side effects? We hope it has not dissuaded you from trying out the Delta 8 THC gummies, right? We did not mean to discourage you, but if you are aware of these side effects beforehand, you may make a more informed decision of whether to inhale it or not. For further queries, let us know in the comment box.

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