5 Beer Gardens in Prague You Should Visit This Summer

As always, when visiting beer gardens and other outdoor spaces in Prague, make sure you have cash with you as no one allows you to pay by card and there are not normally bank machines close-by. In addition to drinks, all of these gardens serve the usual Czech grilled food such as sausages, cheese, and sometimes corn on the cob.

Na Květnici: This nice beer garden set outside of the centre is almost exclusively visited by locals, but all are welcome to enjoy the beautiful space. The restaurant serves cheap and cold draft barrel beer and draft tank beer. 

  •  Na Květnici 700/1a, Prague 4 – Nusle

U KruhuThis dyed-in-the-wool Czech pub offers well-poured beer and a small patio space (surprisingly tranquil, considering it’s only a block from Wenceslas Square). For an easy taste of authentic Prague pub culture, presided over by genial staff, it’s hard to beat.

  • Palackého 723/6, Prague 1 – Nové město

Parukářka Sitting on a high hill above an extensive Communist-era nuclear bunker, Parukářka is definitely off the beaten track and a place where you can come into contact with a lot of local color. Take your beer up the hill for a fantastic view of the city, and stay late to enjoy a possible impromptu jam session or other sudden moments of unexpected craziness.

  • Jeseniova 50, 130 00 Prague 3

ContainallThis cultural center is located right in the city centre on the river bank in Lesser Town. Everything fits into the repurposed shipping container, which is used as a gallery space and a bar with a nice beer garden. This place became a unique open-air space for art events of all kinds with a great atmosphere.

  • Stromovka, Prague 7

Šlechtovka:  Stromovka is one of the largest green spaces in Prague with a lot of water, woods, and many places where you can grab a beer, but the largest and most active is a little garden called Šlechtovka. In addition to cold beverages, they also have a performance stage which features a wide variety of both live music and DJs of different styles playing usually 7 nights a week during the summer.

  • Prague 7, Bubeneč

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