Being in a relationship with someone can be a rewarding experience. You will have someone to confide in, someone to get advice from, and someone to love you for who you are. When it comes to long-distance relationships, things can get dicey if you are both not committed to it.

Making a relationship work if one of you is studying abroad is difficult, but not impossible. All it takes is trust,
dedication, and some things you have in common to pass the time together online. Let’s talk about how you can be in a relationship while studying abroad and how to make it work out well.

Start Putting Money Aside as Soon as You Move Abroad

One of the detriments of being in a long-distance relationship is that you will have to save up lots of money to see
each other. Your significant other may be studying in the US, Europe, or Asia, and you will need to save money to
visit them.

Likewise, if you are the one studying, you will need money to go back home occasionally, to travel somewhere
together, or to buy gifts. Start a savings account or put money aside from your stipend or scholarship from day one
to have enough money for meeting with your partner.

Plan your College Assignments Well in Advance When you Visit your Partner

Visiting your partner back home or going to a country they study in will be one of the most exciting times you
spend together. But, your college obligations and academic assignments shouldn’t suffer just because you are in

You should plan your essay writing, presentations, and studying well in advance so that you don’t lose precious
time. Checking out essay writer reviews can help you find online help from professional writers who can proofread, rewrite, or format your papers. Ask your roommate, friend, or sibling to keep you updated on what’s going on locally while you’re abroad with your partner for a few days.

Send Surprise Gifts and Tokens of Appreciation to your Partner

A great way to bridge the gap between you two is by sending a small gift to your significant other once in a while.

Don’t wait for a birthday or a holiday to surprise them – simply do it. You can order flowers, a box of chocolate, or a new gadget from a local store and have it delivered to them. Love letters are also an amazing, retro gift for a significant other which they will treasure for a long time.

You can get in touch with a roommate or a friend of theirs whom you’ve met and have them help you with a surprise gift.

Make Use of Video Chatting Apps Whenever You Have Spare Time

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of things you can do online with your significant other while studying abroad. One of these things is to use video chatting apps to keep each other company. You can have dinner dates, play online games, or do laundry together. Some of the apps you can use are:
● Viber
● WhatsApp
● Skype
● Zoom
● Facebook Messenger

Give your Partner Space When They Need It

Every once in a while, your relationship might hit a bump in the road – that’s okay. You need to give each other
some personal space even though you are miles apart.

If you have a fight or if your partner needs to study for important exams, simply give them the time they need. You
can pay someone to write an essay for your partner who is studying abroad to help them out with difficult writing
assignments. Help them if they ask for help but don’t be pushy. They still love you more than anything, but they
might want to spend some time in their thoughts.

In Conclusion

Being in a long-distance relationship while studying abroad is challenging, but if you overcome it, it will make your
relationship that much stronger. Don’t give up on a person you treasure just because you will be separated for
some time. You will learn to appreciate the time you spend together and your relationship will bloom into
something beautiful.

Bio: Melony Hart is a professional content creator, social media marketer, and an experienced blogger with
experience in writing about personal development and college life. Melony is passionate about her writing, and
she loves sharing tips, tricks, and guides with young people and students in need of a helping hand. In her spare
time, Melony is a romantic and enjoys reading novels and biographies of unlikely couples who found one another.

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