3 New Openings in Prague

If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant and café in Prague, you might go a little bit crazy. So just read this list instead.

These are the new openings that seem like they have the most potential – although keep in mind, for the ones we haven’t tried, we make no promises. Go forth and be a pioneer!

Ramen Bistro isai

A new bistro in Petřiny offers excellently prepared ramen. If you are a fan of this Japanese specialty, you should definitely head to this place because we have already heard it being praised multiple times. They are open Tuesday to Sunday.


Wildflower is a venue which combines a quality café and an awesome lounge with a cocktail bar. The place is located in Slezská street in the heart of the Vinohrady district and it is bound to impress you with their signature cocktails, premium coffee, or homemade cakes on the second floor. They also wanted to create a space where the rush of city life meets harmonious nature, where they mix signature cocktails from surprising ingredients, and where you will get so absorbed by the atmosphere that you will want to keep coming back.

Narodni 38

A new stylish café opened its doors in June at 38 Narodní street. The café boasts elegant interior design and offers excellent coffee as well as homemade sodas.

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