3 Marketing Trends Working in 2021

Today we will talk about the marketing tips that work in 2021. Offline marketing trends emerge this year into the digital world. Here are a few tips that we think every marketer has to implement on a daily basis. 

Word of mouth is still a KING

Everything new is well forgotten. The competition on the Internet has increased significantly. Advertising budgets have increased, and in some niches we are seeing strong increases in cost per click. Each client has become more expensive for companies. Therefore, the main challenge now is to focus on word of mouth and LTV.

If you exceed the client’s expectations, he will recommend you to family and friends. And you will receive not one order, but three at once. It is also important to make sure that a person buys from you not one, but two, three, five, ten times. This way you will be way ahead of the competition. After all, you paid for one client, and he himself bought from you several times, and even brought friends.

You also need to work on your online reputation. If there are no reviews about your company on geoservices and other resources, we can assume that there is almost no mention of it on the Internet. So the potential client will simply go to the competitor, about which these references exist. Word of mouth adaptation to the digital world has a prime example – TikTok. People share with each other viral videos of Tik Tok and that’s how the platform gets bigger everyday. You can get cheap Tiktok followers from SocialWick and gain popularity faster than you imagined. 

New search engine algorithms

For example, Google has already announced that new Core Web Vitals ranking factors will take effect in May 2021. And where Google is, there are other search engines. This means that all SEO-promotion will change a little.

What will you need to pay attention to? Firstly, it is the site loading speed. It is difficult to say to what extent this race will continue, because with the development of technology, any of the largest content is loaded quite quickly. But search engines are constantly coming up with new ways to speed things up even more. For example, not so long ago Yandex got Turbo pages, and Google got AMP technology.

The next point is the waiting time before the first interaction with the site. How much time has passed from the moment when a person got on the page, before he began to interact with it. The lower this indicator, the better. The stability of the layout and elements is also important. The site should not have interfering icons, it should be simple and easy to interact with.

Working with marketplaces

The pandemic came unexpectedly, and not all companies had their own website with good traffic levels. Therefore, small and medium-sized businesses began to look for other opportunities to sell their products on the Internet.

A good option in such a situation is cooperation with marketplaces. This way, entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about delivering goods and setting up online payments. The platform does all this for them. In the future, opportunities for collaboration with marketplaces will only grow.



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