28 Arrested in Football Match riot in Prague

Police arrested 28 fans of Banik Ostrava in a riot after their team lost a match in Prague on Sunday afternoon.

At Sparta football arena, the fans attacked the organizers and firefighters and they took beer barrels from a fast food stall and threw them at other spectators.

Five organizers and one policeman were injured and one of the organizers had to be sent to the hospital, according to a report of Czech News Agency.

Banik lost the first football league 2019 match against Sparta Praha 0:2 Sunday afternoon. The matches between Sparta and Banik were considered risky because of possible fights between the fans.

Before the game, the fans of Banik Ostrava marched to the stadium with the accompany of police. The march and the match itself passed without serious problems. The riot began after Sparta won the match.

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