VIDEO: Woman Banned From Entering Shop With Her Child

Growing conflicts over government restrictions and measures are rising.

This week, around 20 people in Smichov were busted for hiding in a bar on Saturday night of March 13.

Recently, another confrontation made headlines, when a small business owner prohibited a woman to enter his shop with her child, even when the woman was wearing a mask. This happened at a pet store in Bruntál (Moravian-Silesian Region).

The woman was banned from entering his shop because she refused to leave her child to wait for her outside shop.

The woman filmed the conflict and posted the video on social media.

According to government regulation, only one customer per 15 of sales area may be in stores, but for the small stores that do not even take up 15 square of space, this does not apply to children under 15 years of age, and for others to children under six years of age.

The shop owner has been criticized and reprimanded for his actions, especially since the video of the confrontation between him and the woman surfaced online, but he persists and stands his ground.

Reportedly, he has had a tragic experience in his family caused by the Covid-19 virus. His 2-year-old granddaughter had apparently infected her father, who almost didn’t survive.

On the other hand, the shop owner and his wife are reportedly very sickly seniors. They worry that the virus could make their underlying illnesses worse.

There’s a rising air of intolerance, rebellion and selfishness between civilians. Police inexperienced with these situations also amplifies this ongoing turbulence.

Evidently, people are getting increasingly worried about the virus not disappearing, whilst others are becoming greatly frustrated about the continuation of the lockdown restrictions.

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