Cheaper Beer, More Expensive Cigarettes: What is Changing in 2020

The upcoming year will again be marked by major changes for entrepreneurs and citizens. We summed up the list of major legislative changes:

More expensive cigarettes

According to the tobacco companies, for a packet of cigarettes consumers are likely to pay an extra 12 or 13 crowns. The new rates will come into effect on 1 March 2020. Starting from then, the three-month deadline for the resale of stocks will start, and from 1 June 2020 only cigarettes with the new tax rate will be available for sale.

Receipts for almost… everyone

At the beginning of May, all-cash payments (paid in cash, by check, promissory note or deposits) will also have to be recorded by all craftsmen and private individuals engaged in a freelance profession. The last phase of Electronic Records of Sales (EET) will start.

Spirits become more expensive

The government will increase the tax on tobacco and spirits. The price of a bottle for 40% alcohol will increase by 9.10 crowns (beer and wine are not affected by the price increase).

Cheaper draft beer and hairdressers 

With the introduction of EET, VAT will be reduced for selected services and products, unless entrepreneurs decide to keep the difference. For example, VAT will be reduced from 15 to 10 percent on heat, and from May there will be a percentage reduction in VAT on water, sewer, draft beer, catering services, soft drinks, childcare, book lending, and rental. The services of hairdressers and shoemakers could also make the price lower thanks to lower VAT.

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