11 Signs You'Re Now a True Czech

If you’ve lived in the Czech Republic for some time now, your attitude to life has probably changed a lot thanks to the Czech cultural influence. Let’s face it, you know you’ve basically become a native Czech if these apply to you!

1) You say dobrý den and say Nashledanou to all the people you encounter during the day: neighbors, shop assistants, and even strangers in the elevator.

2) The weekend is sacred, so it’s useless to worry about work issues from six o’clock on Friday evening.

3) You know a lot about dumplings and can easily name a few of their varieties.

4) You adore “collecting” discounts in stores and on various discount websites.

5) Words like Václavák, Staromak, Kulaťák are in your lexicon.

6) There are no “urgent matters” to you anymore. In life, there are no worries or problems that can’t wait until tomorrow.

7) The best rest is an active rest. If your weekend was not spent in the fresh air, then it was wasted.

8) You never leave your house without your backpack.

9) You embrace equality and consider it normal not to pay for a girl in a cafe and don’t usually give her a hand when leaving the tram.

10) You convince tourists that Czech cuisine is the most delicious, and then you yourself go to the nearest Italian restaurant.

11) You distinguish beer not only in grades but also in density.

Author: Samia Ahmed

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