10 Most Popular Czech Soups You Should Taste

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Czech cuisine is quite heavy and fatty, so it can be a shock to a foreigner’s system.

However, not all of the traditional Bohemian, Moravian, and Silesian dishes are like that. For example, Czechs tend to enjoy soups, which tend to be a little bit lighter. In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 traditional Czech soups.

Zeleninová polévka

Zeleninová polévka is a Czech vegetable soup that is usually served as a nutritious appetizer. This hearty dish has numerous varieties and can incorporate various root or leafy vegetables. Most commonly, it consists of diced or sliced carrots, celery, and potatoes, but it is easily adjusted to any taste.

Next to vegetables, it can also incorporate thin pasta and egg or liver dumplings. Regardless of the varieties, this classic soup is a staple in many Czech households, and is often found on the menus of traditional restaurants.


Fazolová is a traditional Czech bean soup. Although it appears in numerous varieties, it usually consists of plump white beans cooked in a flavorful broth alongside potatoes, root vegetables, and smoked meat. Occasionally, it can be altered with sour cream or thickened with flour.

This rustic dish is one of the most common soup varieties in the country, and can be found on the menus of many traditional restaurants. It is always served hot and is mainly enjoyed as a hearty appetizer.


Kyselo is a hearty Czech sourdough soup which originated in Krkonoše mountains. The base of the soup is sourdough, usually made with fermented rye flour, poured in a caraway-spiced broth, and cooked until thickened. Even though there are numerous regional varieties, most versions are cooked with potatoes and mushrooms and served with scrambled or boiled eggs on top.

Closely resembling traditional Polish žur, kyselo is one of the oldest Czech dishes often enjoyed as a satisfying main course.

Čočková polévka

Čočková polévka is a comforting Czech lentil soup. It is usually made with brown or green dry lentils, root vegetables, and various spices such as marjoram or coriander. Occasionally, it is thickened with flour, while spicy sausages or smoky bacon are sometimes added to create a more nutritious dish.

Traditionally, the soup is prepared on New Year’s Day because it is believed that lentils will bring prosperity to the family, although it is also enjoyed throughout the year and can be found on the menus of many traditional Czech restaurants.


Although cibulačka originated from the famous French soupe à l’oignon, this Czech version has become one of the favorite soup varieties in the country. It is a simple and pungent dish consisting of caramelized onions cooked with a broth based on meat or vegetables.

It is usually served with crispy bread slices and a layer of grated cheese on top. Some Czech varieties incorporate potatoes, cream, or mushrooms, and occasionally thicken the broth with flour. This nutritious soup is mostly associated with the winter season, when it is commonly enjoyed as a satisfying starter.


Zelňačka is a traditional Czech sauerkraut soup. Although there are numerous varieties of this Czech classic, most of them consist of sour cabbage, potatoes, cream, and traditional Czech smoked meat. Thick, filling, and generously spiced with caraway seeds and smoked paprika, this rustic soup can often be found on the menus of traditional Czech pubs.

It is usually served with homemade bread on the side and can be enjoyed as a starter or a hearty main course.

Rybí polévka

Rybí polévka is a traditional Czech fish soup that is enjoyed as a part of the festive Christmas Eve dinner. It is typically prepared with carp, various root vegetables, and different spices, but some versions also use white wine, cream, or fish roe.

This hearty fish soup is usually cooked with carp’s head, bones, and innards, while the body is fried and enjoyed as the main course. A staple in every Czech household, rybí polévka is often garnished with a hefty amount of fresh parsley, and it is recommended to serve it hot.


Czech kulajda is a creamy dill soup with a floury roux acting as the base. It is believed that every Czech region and family have their signature version of this hearty soup. Today most varieties consist of mushrooms and potatoes, with an occasional addition of sour cream or poached eggs.

Certain regional varieties use vinegar to give the dish an intensely sour taste. Regardless of the numerous versions of the soup, kulajda is essentially a classic, warming dish that is mostly enjoyed during the cold winter season.


In Czech folklore, the best cure for a cold or a hangover is a bowl of česnečka, a traditional garlic soup. Although garlic is the key ingredient, the soup also incorporates potatoes, meat broth, onions, and traditional spices such as caraway and marjoram.

This healthy dish is usually topped with grated cheese and crunchy croutons, and it is commonly served and enjoyed as an appetizer.


Although it was originally considered a poor man’s meal, this creamy potato soup known as bramboračka has become one of the classics of Czech cuisine. It appears in numerous variations, but mainly includes simple ingredients such as root vegetables, dried mushrooms, and various fresh or dried spices.

These days, it can be found on the menus of many traditional Czech pubs, where it is mainly enjoyed as a satisfying starter that is often served in traditional bread bowls.

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