Wrap Up Warm! Temperature Lows of -20° C Expected

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Much cooler weather is coming to the Czech Republic over the next week. A forecast published by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute also shows the frosts will last through the day as well as the night. Today, partly cloudy weather is expected. Snow will fall in some places and the air temperature will vary from -2 to +2 degrees Celsius.

Early Saturday morning is expected to be between -5 and -9 degrees Celsius. If there is no wind, the chill could fall to -14° C. In the afternoon, it should be less cold, with temperatures of -3 to + 1° C. Snow is also expected only in some areas. Sunday promises to be frosty and sunny. Snow will fall in some places.

At night it will cool to -13° C (in places with snow on the ground it could drop to -19 ° C). During the day, the air temperature will be -7 to -3° C. It doesn't look promising next week either, on the morning of Monday, February 26, its expected that the thermometers will drop to between -15 ° C and -20° C). In the daytime temperatures will range from -7 to -2° C.

Perfect weather for the polar bears at Prague zoo.

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