Why Do The Czechs Go Shopping in Poland?

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This year, Czechs go to supermarkets in Poland in order to buy not only clothes, fish, meat and Christmas decorations, but also eggs, butter, and pastries.

Why do residents of the Czech cities make all the way to Poland to purchase these goods? The reason is simple: in Poland, in their opinion, these products are cheaper and of a higher quality. Hundreds of families from the Moravian-Silesian region drove to the market in the Polish Chałupki last Saturday, December 16. There people often buy Polish cookies, sausages, nuts, seeds, herbs and butter. You can also buy beef, sausages and smoked fish.

So, what are the prices for food in Poland?

One and a half kilos of Christmas cookies can be bought for 200 kc. One egg costs 2.60 kc. Oil costs about 35-40 kc.

Most of the Czechs from the border cities admire Polish variety of fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Author: Anna Zhadan


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