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Prague Morning

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Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we think so too. Objectively, it must be acknowledged that our capital city is beautiful and very popular with tourists. Countless monuments, historical sites, institutions for culture, sports and entertainment. Among other things, it is an ideal destination for a Saturday and Sunday trip. So what to do this weekend in Prague?


You can always visit Prague's famous sights - Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, National Museum, Astronomical Clock, Hradčany etc. And after a walk, you will find that stop in some famous restaurant, cafe, or pub will come in handy. Then in the evening, walk to Petřín, visit a theatre, a concert or just sit by the wine. Nice, instructive, simply spent time. But…

Or something new?

If you are tired of history and tourism, we can offer an alternative. Prague is also the home of Questerland, which is currently offering in detail elaborate escape games. If you decide to devote a part of your program to this great fun, you will have dozens of minutes of puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers, searching for hidden clues and keys with one goal - to escape!

All this in a refined and realistic background of a spacecraft, a witch school, a post-apocalyptic future, or a bank vault! A great way to test your abilities and have some fun with friends. In Questerland you can find escape games inspired by movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter and many more! Thanks to technologies like Virtual reality, interactive systems, and other SMART elements, the Questerland.cz escape games are one of the best in Prague.


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