Václav Havel Airport Will Serve More Destinations

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The new summer flight schedule at Václav Havel Airport Prague will start March 25 and run until Oct. 27. Some 67 carriers will have scheduled service to 157 locations. 

Three new carriers — American Airlines, Cyprus Airways, BA CityFlyer — will fly to Václav Havel Airport, and Prague will be connected to six new destinations. At the same time, 17 existing lines will increase the number of connections.

“We have been successful in implementing our strategy and expanding the number of connections to both key destinations in America and Asia and into European metropolises. Thanks to a wide range of airlines, this year passengers will be able to connect directly to a total of 157 destinations in 51 countries. At the same time with the new line to Philadelphia, we will get a 13th long distance destination,” Václav Řehoř, chairman of airport operator Letiště Praha, said in a press release.

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