True Love: Czech Couple Marks 65 Years Of Marriage

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Vlastimil and Věra met at Mánes Café for afternoon tea: they fell in love, married, had a daughter, and spent their whole life together through the good and the bad.

In this era, it sounds more like science fiction, yet Vlastimil (90) and Věra (88) will soon celebrate 65 years of life together. Vlastimil met his love on March 3, 1953. "We met at Mánes Café for an afternoon tea. They used to organize it every Saturday and Sunday - they played music and people danced," he says as if it were yesterday.

Despite his age, he can recall every detail of that evening that has marked his life. "Věra had a tall ribbon, a skirt, and a brown blouse, and she was there with a friend, Jarča," he says. "I liked her legs". She liked him, and so she invited her to the traditional men's class. "When we danced, I turned us around so that I could see us dancing in the mirror. I looked at her feet - and it was done," he says with exaggeration. With a sly smile, he winks at the woman who is sitting by his side. She is no longer twenty-three, her legs wrinkled, and yet still the love is clear.

That evening he invited both friends for dinner and as a proper gentleman, he accompanied them home. Vlastimil worked as a controller, Věra was employed in an office of craftsmanship. They initially met in cinemas and cafes, and after a year, he met Věra's parents to ask for her hand. "For lunch, there were birds, cooked by my future mother-in-law, and they were very good. I came in the morning and I did not say anything until the evening". Vlastimil laughs. However, the parents did not object, and so they married in the Old Town Hall in 1954.

Recipe for loyalty

Their life was varied. One of the most beautiful moments she remembered was buying a car. "We went to the castles and chateaux, and also on vacation," Věra recalls. How did they manage to last for so long? "There is a halo here," Vlastimil shows with a smile on his head. "The most important ingredient in a relationship is tolerance, reason, and tolerance."

And Věra nods in agreement. "It must be forgiven, everything must not be taken as the worst. In the end, we always agreed,she adds to his simple, but ingenious advice to life. From her loving eyes that Vlastimil observes, there is a testament that it really works.

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